Jasmine Sanders is a 24 year old American fashion model and television personality. Her family consists of her parents, brother, and sister. She is often noted as one of the most successful models in America who has amassed an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars while still working as a teenager!

Jasmine Sanders is an American actress and singer who has a net worth of $2 million. She was born on January 3, 1995 in New York City, to parents Michael Sanders and Evelyn Sanders. Her father worked as a stockbroker while her mother was a nurse.

Jasmine Sanders Bio, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Parents, Networth.

Jasmine Sanders Sanders, Jasmine

Biography of Sanders, Jasmine

Golden Barbie, also known as Jasmine Sanders, is a well-known model, actress, and Instagram star from Columbia, South Carolina. She became well-known as a result of her endorsements for major products and films such as ‘School Dance,’ ‘Smooth Talking Sexy Hair,’ and ‘Glosses.’

She began modeling at the age of 13 with the aid of her mother’s agency. Sheilah Dixon of Millie Lewis, Columbia, South Carolina, was the lady in question. She recognized the beauty and arranged for a test shoot, with the photos being forwarded to New York. Jasmine was picked, as one would imagine.

Jasmine has almost 3.5 million Instagram followers and 113 thousand Twitter followers. Her Vine videos have gone popular as well.

The inspiration of British make-up artist Pat McGrath was hailed as the ‘School Dance’ star, which made her feel honored and humbled. Tyra Banks was her role model, and she aspired to be just like her.


Jasmine’s handle name, Golden Barbie, was created by merging her childhood nicknames Goldilocks and Barbie. Her curly hair earned her the nickname Goldilocks from her instructor.

Her pals agreed that she looked like a life-sized Barbie. When it comes to images, Jasmine prefers to keep things “as real as possible” and avoids using Instagram effects. When it comes to usage, though, she loves Crema or Aden.

She must have Rosewater spray and makeup removal wipes with her. Sanders is friends with Kim Kardashian and her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, an American reality television celebrity.

Sanders, Jasmine (Jasmine Sanders)

As of 2021, Jasmine is 30 years old. She was born in Frankenthal, Germany, on June 22, 1991, however she grew up in South Carolina, USA. Her mother is German, thus she has a German tie in her life.

Sanders Family Jasmine

Jasmine was born to an American-African father and a German mother. Her sister, Alisha, reared her in South Carolina. Jasmine, on the other hand, has had a penchant for acting and modeling since she was a child. Her mother assisted her in learning modeling skills when she realized this. She is of American nationality, yet her parents are of African-American and German descent.

Jasmine SandersJasmine Sanders

Boyfriend|Husband of Jasmine Sanders

Terrence Jenkins, an American actor and television personality, is now dating the lovely female. She’s been in a lot of different relationships. According to rumors, she dated rapper-singer Chris Brown around 2010.

Rob Kardashian and Jeezy were also said to be in a short-term romance with the model. In 2014, rumors circulated that Jasmine was involved in the split of Nickelodeon’s All That actor Nick Cannon and singer Mariah Carey.

This sprang from rumors that Jasmine Sanders and Nick Cannon had a brief encounter at a launch party, and that Cannon had paid for Jasmine’s flats. Carey’s record cover inspired the Golden Barbie to pose for a beach photoshoot.

Why Is Jasmine Sanders So Unique?

Jasmine has a reputation for standing up to her peers. In 2016, when Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint at the Hotel de Pourtalès in Paris, Jasmine went to the scene in the dead of night to be with her.

Jasmine Sanders’ Ascension to Stardom

Jasmine rose to prominence after starring as Jasmine in the 2014 film ‘School Dance.’

‘Smooth Talking Sexy Hair!’ (2014) and ‘Glosses’ are two of her other successful initiatives (2016). Designers like Jeremy Scott have walked the catwalk thanks to Golden Barbie. In March 2016, Jasmine walked the MiuMiu show in Paris with Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Hadid.

The model has also landed advertisements with Aldo and Forever 21 after working with Jaden Smith on a Glamour magazine photo.

Smashbox, American Eagle, Seventeen, Glamour, Ralph Lauren, and other businesses have all used her as a model. Jasmine has also served as the face of the Moroccan oil company’s new curl range. Women with naturally curly hair were targeted for the promotion.

The model starred in Kylie Jenner’s Glosses video and was also included in Pat McGrath’s new lip kit’s social media launch.

Jasmine Sanders’s net worth is unknown.

Sanders’ net worth is believed to be $ 1.5 million. Her major source of income is her successful work as an online celebrity. Jasmine also makes a yearly income of $600,000 dollars.

Twitter: Jasmine Sanders

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Jasmine Sanders is a famous American actress and singer. She was born in the year 1988, in New York City, USA. Her parents are named as “Eileen” and “Richard Sanders”. They have one daughter named as “Jasmine Sanders-Sanders”. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Reference: is jasmine sanders married.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Jasmine Sanders parents?

A: Jasmine Sanders parents are not currently known.

Who is Jasmines husband?

A: Jasmine is married to Prince Andre.

How old is Goldenbarbie?

A: Goldenbarbie is currently 13 years old.

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