Jet’s career has spanned decades and includes a number of hits, including “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” Like many artists his age, Jet is making the transition from traditional albums to digital singles. The singer recently announced that he plans on retiring in 2021.

Jet is an American band that has been around since 1978. They have released over 20 albums and their songs are known for their catchy lyrics. Read more in detail here: jet songs.

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Exile on Main St. Jet’s blend of Exile on Main St. swagger and boisterous, AC/DC-styled stomp coincided with America’s garage rock resurgence in the early 2000s, and the band’s mix of Exile on Main St. swagger and brash, AC/DC-styled stomp didvetailed beautifully with America’s garage rock rebirth. The Melbourne-based quartet, which includes guitarist Cameron Muncey, drummer Chris Cester, bassist Mark Wilson, and vocalist Nic Cester, formed immediately as the new century began. They swiftly self-released Dirty Sweet in 2002, a vinyl-only EP that was well-received in Australia. The EP’s original run of 1,000 copies was sold out, and Jet’s popularity expanded in the United Kingdom when they released another limited-edition run. In early 2003, Elektra offered him a contract in the United States, and the Dirty Sweet EP was published in May of that year. The Rolling Stones were about to play an opening slot in Jet’s birthplace. Jet’s real album debut, Get Born, was released in November after a lot of hype about the band’s skuzzy, old-school hard rock.

Shine On “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” became a radio favorite throughout the globe because to its sharp guitars and fast-paced tempos, and Get Born sold over three million copies as a consequence. Jet also won seven ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) nominations, with the band winning six of them. In the summer of 2005, he toured Europe with Oasis, and in the autumn of 2006, he released his second album, Shine On. The band kept up a busy touring schedule and contributed to the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack with a song. Following a brief hiatus, Jet reformed in 2008 to begin production on their third album, Shaka Rock, which was released a year later. They supported Green Day and Powderfinger on tour, but went on hiatus in 2010 and split completely in 2012. Jet returned to the stage after a long hiatus, performing headline gigs in Australia in early 2017.

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Timothy “timothy jet” is a singer and songwriter from London, England. His first album was released in 2003 and he has since released 6 more albums.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of band was Jet?

A: Jet was a band from the 80s. They were known for their hard rock sound and hit songs such as She Loves You, Barely Breathing, and others.

Who is singer Jet?

A: Singer Jet is an American rock and roll singer-songwriter from Jackson, Mississippi. Hes most famous for his cult hit song Are You Gonna Be My Girl, which was released in 2003 on a major label but has achieved massive success through internet streams of cover versions made by fans around the world.

What happened to Bandjet?

A: Im sorry to say that Bandjet is no longer active.

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