The life of every famous person in the world is full of hard work, trials and experiences.

Jing Magsaysay is a renowned journalist who has won numerous awards for his reporting. He is also a photographer, artist and producer. He was born in Malina, Philippines. He had many difficulties and challenges to overcome to succeed in his life.

Jing Magsaysay’s career data

In early college, he made a career as a radio DJ. He left the feathers for a few years before having a fantastic career in television as a presenter for CNN Philippines in 1981. He then reported on several important events.

When he started working at CNN (Cable News Network) as a television reporter, he also faced challenges in his daily life. He continued this work for over a decade. During this time, he demonstrated hard work and patriotic feelings for his country, the Philippines.

After serving at CNN, he retired and was then assigned to ABS-
CBN where he never gave up his consistency to do his best. In a few years, he was promoted to head of the ABS-CBN news channel. He also began working on Solar News in parallel with ABS-CBN News.

He retired on the 28th. September 2017 of his journalism career, but he still had a curiosity and thirst for new experiences that drove him to pursue new adventures in life, like writing.

He is an inspiration to all newcomers who want to become journalists, because diplomas don’t matter for a career, only hard work and practice will make you a perfect journalist. It is quite a challenge to write in a few pages about the life experiences of famous people, stories of struggle and adversity.

Net assets of Jing Magsaysay

He usually likes to be on social media. However, it has not yet disclosed its net worth. He’s a really cool guy who wants to invest in his work. But judging by his net worth, he should have at least a million dollars in the bank. In fact, he enjoys life like many millionaires do, including traveling, sailing, etc.

Private life of Jing Magsai

If we search on Google or Wikipedia, we cannot get more information about him because he did not speak about his personal life in a public seminar or at important events. Therefore, we cannot give you more information, but some information is based on extensive research and accurate data.

He met ambassadors, the governor and interviewed many famous people. The life of a journalist is very difficult because sometimes he or she has to travel to dangerous areas to gather information for the station. His best work was a documentary about the congested ring road of Manila, the Philippine capital.

Jing Magsaysay’s body measurements

If we talk about his appearance, he is almost 1 meter tall with a sincere smile on his face, his hair is naturally black and disappears for the most part in the front, his eyes are black in color.

Jing Magsaysay’s marriage records

According to his marital status, he could be a married man to an unknown woman. They can both live happy lives. He is over 50 years old and still as handsome and charming as ever. We don’t know much about his home and cars, but we suspect he leads a luxurious lifestyle with a beautiful home in Mandaluyong, Philippines.

Jing Magsaysay’s presence on social media

On his Facebook account he has 192 followers and on Twitter he has 2.4 thousand followers. Finally, his official and personal Instagram account has only 324 followers.


In short, Jing Magsaysay is beautiful, cool, fashionable and sincere in her passion. He has faced many challenges in his career to achieve this honor. He can make you his fan with his boisterous personality and body language. He loves people and is also a nature lover, as you can see from his Facebook posts and Instagram accounts.

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