Johann Pachelbel was a German composer, violinist and organist. He composed both sacred and secular music during his lifetime in Germany, Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) and England.

Johann Pachelbel was a German Baroque composer. He is best known for his Canon in D, which is one of the most popular pieces of classical music ever written. The “johann pachelbel family” includes Johann’s wife and children.

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Johann Pachelbel is erroneously stereotyped as a composer of only one piece, the well-known Canon in D major for three violins and continuo. He was a significant person from the Baroque era who is today regarded as pivotal in the development of keyboard music as well as Protestant church music. His principal contribution has been described as the fusion of Catholic Gregorian chant parts with the Northern German organ style, which mirrored the Protestant chorale’s impact. He spent some years in Vienna as a Lutheran, where he was exposed to music by Froberger and Frescobaldi, which impacted his chorale-prelude. His work in this genre would have an impact on Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions, among others. It’s worth noting that many of Pachelbel’s compositions are difficult to date, making conclusions regarding his stylistic progression in many instances speculative. Pachelbel could also play the organ and the harpsichord.

Pachelbel was christened on September 1, 1653, after being born in August. Early on, he shown musical promise and started studies with Heinrich Schwemmer and then with George Kaspar Wecker, the latter educating him in composition and organ playing. Pachelbel completed his general education at St. Lorenz secondary school before enrolling at Altdorf University in 1669. Pachelbel did not originate from a rich family and worked as an organist at the Lorenzkirche for a pittance. As a result, he was unable to keep up with the university’s tuition bills and was forced to quit after roughly a year.

Following his departure, Pachelbel proceeded to Vienna and earned an assistant organist position at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in 1673, after a short time of private study. He acquired a post as court organist at Eisenach four years later, where Bach was born in 1685. He became good friends with the Bach family and taught both Johann Sebastian and Johann Christoph Bach. Pachelbel, however, departed Eisenach after a year to become organist at Erfurt’s Predigerkirche in 1678.

In 1681, the composer married Barbara Gabler, and by 1683, he had a child. However, tragedy struck in September of that year when a disease spread over Erfurt, killing his wife and baby son. Musicalische Sterbens-Gedancken was a collection of four chorale variations published around this period (Musical Thoughts of Death). His organ chorales would become his most notable compositions at this time.

Pachelbel married Judith Drommer on August 1684. Wilhelm Hieronymus Pachelberg, composer, organist, and harpsichordist, was one of their seven children, born in 1686. Pachelbel obtained a job as Court organist in Stuttgart in 1690 and seemed to enjoy it, but he resigned after two years owing to an approaching French invasion. From the autumn of 1692 through April 1695, he was the municipal organist at Gotha. Around this period, he returned to Nuremberg, eventually becoming organist at St. Sebalduskirche (summer, 1695). He would stay in this position for over 11 years, composing some of his most renowned vocal works as well as his Magnificat fugues. Hexachordum Apollinis, a collection of six arias for organ or harpsichord, was published in 1699. Pachelbel died on March 3, 1706, and was buried at Nuremberg on March 9, 1706.

Johann Pachelbel was a German composer of the Baroque era. He is known for his Canon in D and “Canon in G.” Johann died at age 38 due to complications from syphilis. Reference: johann pachelbel cause of death.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Johann Pachelbel most famous for?

A: Pachelbel is most famous for his Canon in D, a Baroque-era polyphonic piece.

How many songs Pachelbel wrote?

A: He wrote six more than Bach.

What piece of music was written by Johann Pachelbel?

A: The piece of music was written by Johann Pachelbel.

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