The late John Richard Thicke was a true reality TV legend, hunter and navigator. He became famous in 2013 thanks to the reality TV series Mountain Monsters and became one of the main characters of the series. John Tice was also a successful hunter, founder and owner of the Appalachian Mystery Sightings Investigators (AIMS), a group of hunters who venture deep into the mountain forests of the American Appalachian Mountains in search of mysterious habitats, determined to find evidence that these creatures still exist there.

John also served in the US Army during the Vietnam War in 1967.

John Trapper Date of birth and age

John Tice was born on the 24th. Born in West Virginia in May 1947, he grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, USA, and is 74 years old. Being born in the country, it was only natural for Tice to explore the dark forest, setting traps and hunting no matter what he said. His full name is John Richard Thiess.

John Trapper Tees Parents

The father’s name was John and the mother’s name was Thelma Beatrick Brammer Thiess.

John Theiss Brothers and Sisters

All information on Tice’s brothers and sisters.

John Tice Education Details

John Thiess is a graduate of St. Joseph’s School. Merryman in 1965. He is the best football player in his school and was one of the captains of the school team. John enlisted in the United Air Force in 1966. In 1970 John received his welding certificate from the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology.

John Tice Horoscope

Tice’s astrological sign is Gemini.

John Tees Citizenship

John Thicke was an American.

John Tees Ethnicity

John Tice was a white citizen.

Height and weight of John Teese

No information about John’s height or weight.

Sexual orientation of John Teese

Straight ahead.

Was John Trapper Tees married before his death?

The great hunter was a married man.

Death of John Tice’s career before his death

John Thicke began his first career as a soldier in 1967. He joined the U.S. Army and became a veteran. John also fought in the Vietnam War in 1968 with firm intentions. He was awarded the Vietnam Cross of the Fatherland, as well as the Army Meritorious Service Medal and the Meritorious Service to the Fatherland Citation Medal.

Then John realized that he also had the qualities and skills of a navigator and an investigator. To put his skills into practice, John and his close friends formed a team called Appalachian Mystery Investigators AIMS.

Because of his team’s name and his unique work, many television producers called him John Tice, and Tice was eventually part of a reality show called Mountain Monster, which premiered on the 22nd. In June 2013, 60 episodes were aired. In this series of documentaries, John showcases all his skills as a hunter, trapper and researcher. John comically depicted people’s love of enigmatic creations in hunting technology.

John Tice’s Wedding Details

John Thiess was very reticent and his private life was kept secret, so there was no information about his wife or his married life.

Children John Tees

Hunter had two sons, John David Thicke and Dr. Jared Ryan Thicke, and a daughter, Laura Melinda Thicke.

John Thicke’s Net Worth at Death

John Thicke’s net worth was $700,000. The source of his income is his real shoe, Mountain Monsters. Deadly rumours about John Tice: There are many rumors about John Tice’s death in 2016c. One episode of the series noted that John had died of serious injuries during a meeting in the woods. However, these rumors turned out to be false after John informed his fans about his illness. He left a message for his fans that.

I’m going to meet death….. I need to ……. that’s what’s happening to me. I’m going to die.

Following this news, John shared the sad news.

I think it’s safe to come down.

He shared.

The last blood test I took showed that my kidneys are about 25%. The last time I went to the hospital, I almost collapsed. It’s just one thing.

After reading this news about John, his friends and fans became very depressed.

Death of John Tees

The great monster, star of hunting and reality, died on the 16th. December 2019 at the age of 72. He struggles with his short-lived illness. John is surrounded by his loving family at Camden-Clark Medical Center of WVU Medicine.

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