How much is Joji worth?

Shareholders’ equity $9 million
Real Name George Kusunoki Müller
Date of birth 18. September 1992.
Zodiac Virgo
place of birth Osaka, Japan
Profession professional singer
Country Japan
Height 1.73 m

Want to know more about Joji’s net worth, career and sources of income? The transfer took place on the 18th. September 1992. Joji began in the early 2000s. Joji, on the other hand, is known by his other online pseudonyms, Pink Guy and Filthy Frank. Music is something Joji has always imagined since he was a teenager. But before he started his YouTube channels, he still loved music. And he set up Youtube feeds to improve his music.

Previous life and biography of Joji

Joji is the executive name of George Kusunoki Miller. Composer, author, artist, Japanese singer, internet personality. Joji’s net worth is almost $9 million.

After his success, he became known to people under these nicknames. And people looked too much like him and insulted him so much. Moreover, Ian Aiko is making great strides in his career.

Joji has two parts in the wild, half Japanese and half Australian. He fled Japan at the age of 18 and graduated from high school in the United States in 2012.

In the beginning he devoted himself to performing songs among his compatriots as an occasional art form. He started his musical career under the nickname Pink Guy.

He has released many music albums so far. And he makes thousands of dollars.


  • Welcome to the Dirty Frank Show. If you’re considering self-destruction, you’re out of the way. Because I usually want to knock in person.
  • A real general gives others an energy that can be achieved individually.

How much does the Joji network cost?

He discovered his profession as an influential artist and then presented himself as a social actor. And in this situation, he also does his two Youtube channels. The names of the YouTube channels are Dizasta Music, Too Damnn Filthy and TV Filthy Frank.

Net cost of Juji: $9 million

At the end of 2017 he announced his retirement from all social media and YouTube departments. He says he’s going to start his musical career now. According to this statement, he released three records on Harmony. These Joji’s collections were dressed in high definition. And it’s worth almost $9 million.

Joji is currently a musician who focuses on liberating his lyrics. In addition to Tune’s commercial success, the artist and musician has been further enriched by his appearance on the internet.

How much did Joji earn during her career?

Miller is too good at composing music. He has also written and thought about music since its inception. And he imagined himself a great musician. Now he clarifies all the points and turns him into a great musician.

Joji has also always been obsessed with musicology when he started his profession on YouTube.

In 2016 and 2017 he joins forces with various musicians who used to be known as Shamana, the High Brothers. November 2017. Joji discovered his first collections during the workshop In Tongues.

Also in 2017 he released his first single Will He. This earned him a faint RIAA Gratitude certification, for which he was paid a lousy $1,500 or more. Corey Taylor and Billy Joel are making money off their careers.

Extensive gambling has had an economic price that has risen. The maps are produced in America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The following year he placed and distributed material describing 88 Grows.

In 2018 he brought along a collection of presentation workshops under the title UK & US, for which the aspiring soloist received a total of approximately 100,000 dollars.

Joji has become remarkably more popular thanks to its online presence. And on his other two YouTube channels. Universally popular, Doji is also known for his addition of the largely triumphant Harlem Shake dance.

His triple YouTube channel keeps him busy and he makes $9 million.

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