Oftentimes we get the chance to see behind-the-scenes of famous artists and their lives. Jowell & Randy is a new musical duo trying to bring that same experience into reality with VR content on YouTube. Their album, “Tribal” was released in 2016 and only contains six songs but boasts 60 tracks for VR viewers who download it on Google Play Music or Spotify. It has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.,

Jowell & Randy are an American pop duo, consisting of Jowell and Randy. They have released three studio albums and one EP. Their most recent album is “JandR”.

El Momento Jowell & Randy are a well-known, charting, and well-traveled Puerto Rican reggaeton duo whose danceable mixes are nearly as famous as their clever and sometimes funny lyrics. They’ve released scores of songs and mixtapes since the turn of the century, making them a bankable live draw and a chart commodity. El Momento, their 2010 album, debuted at number two on the Top Latin Albums list, while Sobredoxis, released in 2013, debuted at number ten. They were Australia’s and Monaco’s first reggaeton act. “Loco,” Jowell & Randy’s most commercially successful song, charted on five Latin charts in 2010. The remix version of “Hey Mister” from 2013 is their most successful music video, with over 100 million views.

Casa de Leones During the late 1990s, both guys spent years establishing themselves on the growing reggaeton scene. It wasn’t until they officially joined forces as a duet in 2001 that they started to create a name for themselves in the music business. They were also part of the Casa de Leones reggaeton recording and touring project at the same time. In 2006, they released their first song, “Agresivo” (with Arcángel), and a year later, the self-titled Casa de Leones album and their own mixtape Los Más Sueltos del Reggaetón. While the album failed to chart, Jowell and Randy were well-known enough that their songs were often included on Boy Wonder’s famous Chosen Few compilations. Randy’s cameo appearances on De la Ghetto’s “Sensacion del Bloque” (2006) and Tito el Bambino’s “Siente el Boom” (2007) both became hits, raising their reputation further. Tengan Paciencia, their sixth mixtape, was released just before the release of El Momento in 2010. That year, they released five songs, one of which being “Loco,” which reached number three on the Tropical Songs list.

La Alcaldía Del Perreo Following a year of nonstop touring, Jowell & Randy returned to the studio and released the mixtape Predoxis and the full-length Sobredoxis, which spawned six songs over the following two years, including “Báilalo a Lo Loco” (featuring 3Ball MTY). Under Doxis, their 2014 mixtape, yielded three more club smashes, including “Lo Que Quiero,” which reached number 11 on the Latin Rhythms chart, as well as four charting collaboration singles: “Pa’ La Pared” (with Cosculluela), “Bella Que Que” (with R.K.M. ), “She Likes My Reggae” (with Gomba Jahbari), and “Lentamente” (with In 2016, another mixtape, La Alcalda del Perreo, was released, including the main song and video for “Guadalupe,” as well as two more videos for “La Pista Revienta” and “Me Prefieren” (featuring Nengo Flow). In 2017, music videos for Mr. Williamz’s remix of “Guadalupe” and the album track “Posición 4” were released. Jowell & Randy released the song “Bonita” (with J Balvin) in the same year, which topped the Mexican singles chart.

They didn’t return to the studio for almost a year due to their hectic travel schedule, which brought them all across Europe and South America. They released “Dile la Verdad” (with Manuel Turizo) in early 2019, followed by Viva el Perreo, their sixth full-length album, in 2020.

Jowell & Randy are American singers, songwriters and actors. The duo is best known for their work in the musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” which has been nominated for a total of eight Tony Awards. They have released six albums with one album charting at number 1 on the Billboard 200. Their most recent album was released in 2016. Reference: jowell pronunciation.

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