Net Invitations/Recommitments/total assets 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Here you will find the assets, salary, source of income, etc. of Jurnee Smollett Bell.

Net equity in 2018: $700k USD
Net equity in 2019: $950k USD
Net equity in 2020: at $2 million. USA
Net equity in 2021: Subsequent update


the beautiful American actress Jernie Smallette Belles. She was born first. Born October 1986 in New York, United States. Jernie Smalllett Bell’s nationality is American. Your wife’s name is Josiah Bell. The children’s name is Jernie Smallette Bell – Hunter Zion Bell. Her parents are Joel Smallett (father) and Janet Smallett (mother). She’s been in a lot of movies.


Here’s a list of his films.

  • Birds of prey in 2020
  • The last one in 2017
  • Hands of Stone in 2016
  • Temptation: Confessions of a marriage counsellor
  • Captain 4 planets in 2012
  • The great debate 2007
  • The grid bandage in 2006
  • 2005 Role collection
  • The beautiful Otto normal consumer in the year 2000.
  • Eva Bayu in 1997
  • Jack in ’96.

Here’s a list of his television shows:

  • Lovecraft land in 2020 – until today
  • The twilight zone in 2020
  • Metro in the period 2016-2017.
  • Parenthood in 2013
  • Don’t do anything bad in 2013.
  • Real blood in the years 2013-2014.
  • Mafia doctor in 2012-2013.
  • Lawyer in the years 2010-2011.
  • Friday night light 2009-2011.
  • Grey Anatomy in 2008
  • House in 2006
  • Wanda went wild in 2003
  • Emergency aid in 2002
  • Strong medicine in 2002
  • Rubber bucket of blood in 2001.
  • Luckily after fairy tales for every child in 1999.
  • Selma, Jesus Christ, Selma in 1999.
  • Cosby in the years 1998-2000.
  • NYPD in 1996
  • Ours in 1994-95.
  • Full house in ’92-’94.
  • Martin in 1992.
  • worked with Mr. Cooper in 1992.
  • All night, 1992.


Here is the list of prices:

  • In 1997 she won the Critics’ Choice Award for best emerging actress.
  • Jernie Smallett won the San Diego Society of Film Critics Award for Best Biblical Player in 1997.
  • She won Best Actress for the film Outstanding Actress 2008-2010.


He has a Twitter ID with 211.6k+ followers.


It has an Instagram ID with 1.3m+ tags.


She has an Fb ID with 150,653+ favors.


Name Member of the jury
Last name Smallett
Name and surname Jernie Smallette
Occupation/implementation  actress
Age in 2020 34 years old
Country name America
Nationality American
Last update 2020

Physical appearance

Here you can read information about Jernie Smallett’s physical condition, such as her height, weight, hair and eye color, etc.

Height 1.67 m
Weight 45 kg
Waist circumference K.A.
Eye colour Black
Hair color Black


Name at birth Jernie Smallette
Country America
Date of birth/anniversary October 1986
Education K.A.
marital status Married
Spouse’s name Brian Descartes
Father Joel Smallet
Mama Janet Smallett
Children Zion Bell Hunter
brothers and sisters Jazz Smallett (sister), Jojo Smallett, Jockie Smallett, Jake Smallett, Jussie
Parents K.A.
Partner K.A.
Hobbies/ Interest/ Ice cream Actors
I don’t like it. K.A.
The address is. New York, United States
Contact number/telephone/e-mail K.A.
Title K.A.
Prices 3
Constellation Scales
Platforms/beams Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Frequently asked questions

What is the intrinsic value of Jurnee Smollett in 2018, 2019 and 2020?

Jernie Smallett’s income in 2018 was about $700,000, in 2019 – $950,000. The net value of the Smollet acquisition could reach $2 million in 2020.

What’s Jernie Smallette’s birthday?

October 1986

How old is Jernie Smallette in 2020?

34 years old

Who is the travel brand?

She’s an American actress.

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