Kimstar or Daniel Kim is an American YouTuber and streamer. He is known under different names such as Killer Keemstar and DJ Keemstar. Daniel Kim was born on the 8th. March 1972 in Buffalo, New York, USA.  He has a brother and a sister. He also has a daughter named Mia.

It first appeared on YouTube in 2009 in a video of Halo 3. In this video it is recorded through the online multiplayer voice chat of the game.

Daniel Kim’s first YouTube channel was created in 2009. The channel was called xDJKEEMSTAR and was dedicated to covering news from the YouTube community. Daniel Kim is probably the most suspicious YouTube account. Among other things, he has five closed YouTube accounts and two closed Twitch accounts.

Kimstar started reporting on the new station in June 2014. His second channel is called DramaAlert. In addition to the facts, Kim also gives his opinion on the subjects he discusses. Kimstar was also a member of the FaZe clan.

In 2016 Daniel launched his podcast called Bait! The podcast was co-organised by Colossal is Crazy and Tommy C. The podcast was popular early on and reached the top 20 of the iTunes charts. After a series of events related to the podcast, Keemstar announced on the 18th. In March 2020 it was announced that Bait!. will be replaced by Mom’s Basement.

Daniel Kim has been involved in a number of controversies over the years. In 2008 Kimstar had an argument with a moderator named Alex. In response to this argument, Kim urged her viewers to spam the chat – Alex is a stupid nigger. He then apologized for using a racist slurry.

Another incident took place in 2016. When the YouTuber, which was called TotalBiscuit, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Keemstar twittered to announce his death.

He also got into trouble by comparing the body of Jake Paul’s girlfriend, Erica Costell, to that of another YouTube girlfriend, Eugenia Colony, who suffers from an eating disorder.

One of the biggest controversies Daniel Kim has been involved in is the Youtuber Ethics suicide. In the interview, Kim said that if you really think about it, why live? Just jump off the cliff. If it’s just a simulation, who cares? in response to Ethic’s statement that he thinks he’s living in a simulation. In June 2019, a number of people accused Kim of provoking the YouTubeuber after the ethicist’s suicide.

Keemstar currently has a large audience with more than 5 million subscribers to its YouTube channel DramaAlert. Kimstar supported Donald Trump in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

Let’s find out more about him.

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Daniel Kim (Keemstar) bio, wiki, age, height, date of birth and photos.

Name Daniel Kim
Alias name Kimstar, Killer Kimstar, and DJ Kimstar …
Profession YouTuber, Streamer
Date of birth 8. March 1982.
place of birth Buffalo, New York, United States.
Zodiac Fishing
Citizenship American
Height 178 cm
Weight NA
Hair color Brown
Eye colour Brown
Family The girl’s name is Mia.
Relationship status Simple
Boy/Girl NA
School NA
University NA
Training qualification NA
Net value $2 million.


  • Kimstar’s real name is Daniel Kim.
  • He was born in Buffalo, New York, USA.
  • He is of Italian, German and Dutch descent.
  • Daniel has a daughter named Mia.
  • He’s dyslexic.
  • He was a member of the FaZe clan.
  • In 2014 it was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Web Series.

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