Keyshia Cole was born on the 15th. October 1981, born in Oakland, California, USA. She’s 39 years old now. She also has American citizenship. She is popular because she was an American actor, producer and composer. Her career started too young, she was only 12 years old when she met MC Hammer and later she also met Tupac Shakur.

And at a very young age, she was only 15, he moved to Los Angeles, where he made a name for himself at A and M Records.

Keyshia Cole’s Career Details

Keyshia Cole released her first or first album which came out in 2005 and the title of this album is THE WAY IT IS. That album was very popular and people saw it for about a year, and the number of copies sold of that album is about 1.6 million. She then released another album entitled JUST LIKE YOU in 2007 on Geffen Records. This album was also very famous and according to some sources is at number two in the list. And people are interested in it too, so about 1.7 million copies of the album were sold. In 2008, Cole’s third album, A DIFFERENT ME, was released. And then he made a couple of albums that were very popular at the time and people look at them and like them too. She is also currently working on her eighth album, which is scheduled for 2020 and we will let you know when it will be released, but no release date has been confirmed yet.

Keyshia Cole Net Cost

As we know, Keyshia is the best actress and producer in America. So we’re talking about his net worth, which is $9.5 million. So we’re looking into that, and when we find more information about their income, whether it’s monthly or yearly, we’ll update it.

Keyshia Cole Dating and Marriage History Details

In 2009, the month was May. Keyshia started dating Daniel Gibson who was also an NBA player but then he left the NBA, after that they are a couple and very attached to each other, they realize that they love each other, so in January 2010 they got engaged and then in March 2010 they were blessed with their child which was a son, after that their wedding took place on March 21, 2010. Cole has since revealed in March 2016 that she is separated from Gibson, but is not yet divorced. In April 2017, Cole revealed in an interview that he and Gibson were divorcing, but later, in September 2020, Cole revealed on Instagram that he and Gibson were now breaking up.

Because Cole was married to former NBA player Daniel Gibson, they started dating, got engaged and two months later they were lucky enough to have a male child. After a while they got married and they are very happy together. After that, she had a courtship with Nico Khale, but they broke up in October 2020.

Parents of Keyshia Cole

Cole’s father’s name was Virgil de Jager, who became famous as a boxing trainer. He has also been a boxing trainer in the United States as he is Keyshia Cole’s biological father, but he first met her in 2016 and they are very surprised. His grandchildren are Hiram Gibson and Tobias Khale. Since we don’t know more, but are in the process of gathering information on this topic, stay tuned for more details.

Bodyguard Keyshia Cole

She’s 39 years old, she’s also a US citizen. Her height is 1 meter 80, and her weight is about 54 kg; her breasts are about 36 cm and she also has a height of 24 cm and hips of about 35 cm; her eyes are dark brown and her hair is black.

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