Khatira Rafiqzada

The actress and former American singer Khatira Rafiqzada starred in two films, Chain Letter and Leila. She is also known as the caring wife of American actor Michael Ealy. He recently starred in the psychological film Intruder (2019).

American actress Khatira likes to keep everything private. She doesn’t even have her own social media page to advertise. We have all the information about her background, age, marriage, race, husband and children.

Khatira Rafikzada: biology, age, nationality.

Khatira Rafikzada was born on January 8, 1981 in the United States. Rafikzada would have been 38 years old in 2019. She is originally from Afghanistan. Khatira has not revealed any personal details about her background. Details about her schooling, her parents, her upbringing are not known to the public. She was born under the sign of Capricorn.

However, in 2009, Khatira made her screen debut as Zola in the short film Laila. After that, she starred in the horror film Chain Letter. In the film, she played the role of Mrs. Garrett.

Khatira seems to have taken a break from her acting career. She lives with low standards because everything she has found out about Khatira has been revealed by her husband Michael.

The beautiful actress is a married woman. She leads a happy married life with her longtime friend and now husband, Michael Ealy. The couple got engaged in 2008 and after four years of engagement, they exchanged their wedding vows. The couple married in October 2012 at an exotic wedding in Los Angeles.

However, his fans never knew about Rafiqzada’s relationship with Ealy until it was revealed in December 2012. And this news shocked millions of fans around the world.

In an interview with People magazine, Ealy’s representative said that as a newlywed, Michael needed to spend time alone with his wife. However, he wants to share with his fans the news that he is married and that he is truly happy.

In 2014, Michael spoke to Rolling Out Magazine about his personal life when he was asked for advice about other men who might consider getting married. He put it this way:

“People think you’re going to marry your husband, but I didn’t marry my boyfriend. He’s much more realistic and focused on the real world. So if you have that and you’re happy and you love him, don’t waste time.

He added that he has discovered that the present moment of his life is his most valuable asset. It’s nothing if time is more precious than the time when it ends, that’s all.

Khatira Rafikzada’s son

As of 2019, the couple is blessed with two children. Their first son, Elijah Brown, was born on April 18, 2014, and their second daughter was born in November 2016.

The couple has a close relationship. Although Khatira leads a discreet lifestyle, her husband often shares photos of Khatira and the children enjoying their vacation. We want the couple to stay together for the rest of their lives.

Net expenses and salaries

Khatira Rafiqzada began her acting career in the film Chain Letter in 2009. In 2019, she has a net worth of over $500,000 from her acting activities. She has even touched on music and singing. Details about her salary and earnings have not yet been disclosed.

Khatira’s husband, Michael, on the other hand, has a net worth of over $3 million in 2019. He is an actor known for his participation in films like Barbershop, 2 Quick 2 Furious, Takers, Think Like a Man, About Last Night, Perfect Boy and Intruder.

Body measurements: height, weight, hair

The beautiful actress Khatira is six feet tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her brown eyes match her brown hair perfectly.

Frequently asked questions

Where does Khatira Rafikzada come from?

Khatira Rafikzada was born in the United States in 1981. The details of her parents are not known, but they are of Iranian descent and her ancestry can be traced back to the Middle East. She is known as a practicing Muslim.

Who is the wife of Michael Ilis?

Michael Ealy

Who is Michael Ealy’s son?

Michael Ealy

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