How much is King Lil G worth?


Shareholders’ equity $1 million
Real Name Alex Gonzalez
Date of birth 30. July 1986.
birthplace Los Angeles
Profession Musician-Rapper
Age 34
Height 1.71 m

In this article you will read about King Lille G. Netto Worth, his beginnings and his career. King Lil G No Worth is an American hip hop musician. He’s a multiple of his kind. King is also a great rapper who has gained fame thanks to his major music labels.

Early childhood and biography

King Lil G was born on the 30th. Born July 1986 in Los Angeles, America. He says he thinks highly of his mother because he knows how many problems she had as a child. And how it made him a great man in life after tremendous hardship.

Gorilla Zoë and Ronnie Radke also faced many difficulties in their youth, but they worked very hard and made great strides in life, just like King Lil G.

In his early years, he had no interest in studying books. So he joined the band and started learning music here. Later in life he fought and did good work as a student. And he grew up to be a big boy in a responsible and respected environment.

He explained that his journey to change his life is a lesson for all who face challenges in life. Those who experienced problems there also changed their lifestyle to adopt the right one. He starts listening to traditional gangster songs that comfort him.


  • I live with the idea that I think you are… but…
  • The appeal of luck when you are injured is just one example of the power of your person.

How much is Zoe’s gorilla network worth?

King Lil G has earned his wealth through music videos, as well as a clothing brand and a YouTube channel. He works with several record companies and they have released his albums on their labels. And thanks to these labels, he makes himself very famous.

He has been airing all his music videos on his YouTube channel 9LILG, which has 600,000 subscribers. His YouTube channel also brought him a lot of income.

How does King Lil G Pure Value conduct himself in his life?

He has published four anthologies and continues to work on his musicology. Working on his music is a passion for him.  King Lil G began to write his own words. We showed people that he was capable of making strides. It showed that he realized his life was on the right track after an eventful past.

On the other hand, he also launched his own clothing brand called Sukios. This brand brought him more income.

King Lil G won about a million dollars. And in the coming years, as he works on his musicology, he will expand on this and the chronology. And he will achieve more to become a totally independent man.

How much did Gorilla Zoë earn in your career?

King Lil G became known for his musical styles such as Gangsta, Chicano and West Coast Hip-Hop. When he released his Hopeless Boy collection in 2014, it made him famous across the country.

He started writing songs and making records. The basis for his work and all his concerts are drawn from his personal experience. He raps his own songs to make people understand what his childhood was like and how it affected them. He recorded his original collection, which he had written himself without any help.

Album list:

In 2004, he released his first Los Angeles County Most Wanted compilation. This collection was recorded by PR Records. He was very happy that his words were going in the right direction and that his dreams were coming true.

The most valuable songs were Where We Roll, Living Life Like a Gangster Ways, My Gangster Ways.

The second collection was published under the title Underground Chapter 1. The big songs in the collection were I Don’t Wanna Be Right and We Put It Down. Those songs were very motivating for people.

In 2009, he released another collection titled Money to the Hood. There were 17 songs on this compilation, and most of them were written by Alex himself.

He also published an article entitled King Enemy. It was a very varied collection of songs. Most of the songs on that album were romantic, like Forget Your Boyfriend and Midnite.

In 2015, he released a new collection called 90’s kid, which was released under the AK47 Boyz Records label.

In 2016, he received an offer to record a collection, but to become more independent, he signed to a small label, Del Records.

With this new record company he released another album, Lost In Smoke 2. The most popular song on the album was Dope.

His new record label Empire 47 subsequently released another compilation Paint The City Blue in 2018. There were 12 songs in that collection.

List of cassettes:

Between the first two collections, he also released his only mixtape. A mixtape called Blue Devil Mixtape, released in 2008. This mixtape was released without the support of a record company.

The mixtape really resonated with people, and they really liked it. It’s a huge mixtape to listen to. There were ten bachelors.

The next item is in place, it’s called Blue Devil Mixed Tape, part 2. The collection was created in collaboration with Big Downer.

In 2013 he released another mixtape called Lost In Smoke and later another mixtape called AK47 Boyz.

They were very standard Alex albums. The song on that album, Hopeless Boyz, was very popular and in demand. This song has been viewed over 30 million times on Youtube.

In 2017, he released a mixtape titled Blessed by God.

frequently asked questions

King Lill G is 34 years old.

He has a child named Daniel Gonzales.

King Lil G is known as a successful rapper and musician.

He’s 34 years old now. King Lil Gwas was born on the 30th. Born in July 1986.

King Lil G had a love affair with Chantelle Castillo. But his current girlfriend is Kimberly Michelle.

King Lil G married Kimberly Michelle.

frequently asked questions

How much is King Lil G worth?

King Lilg’s net worth: King Lil G is an American rapper with a net worth of one million dollars. King Lil G was born in July 1986 in South Los Angeles, California.

Is King Lil G married?

King Lil G. Net cost (2021), size, age, biology and proper name.

Who is Lil G’s mother?

Family Life He is originally from Inglewood, Los Angeles, California and was raised by a single Mexican mother and two older brothers. He has a son, better known by his stage name Baby Guns. In June 2018, he and his girlfriend Kimberly welcomed a baby girl named Lexi Juliette together.

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