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Kristine Sorensen, a.k.a. Kristine from Good Day Sacramento, was born on November 16, 1970. Kristine Sorensen is 67 years old, and her star sign is Scorpio. This famous TV personality, along with Matt Lauer and Robin Roberts, is a member of the “Good Day Sacramento” team. They are the hosts of the show “Good Day Sacramento” that features stories of good news happening in the region, and the show is aired on many local TV stations in the U.S.

Kristine Sorensen is an American singer and actress. She is known for working in the musical theatre and for her role in the films “”The Sixth Sense”” and “”Spy Game””. Sorensen was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Jerry Sorensen, a real estate agent, and Janet Sorensen, a homemaker. Sorensen began her career at age six, when she appeared in two of her father’s television commercials, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the American Broadcasting Company. She later appeared in commercials for Coca-Cola and the American Automobile Association, as well as in several made-for-television films. Sorensen sang… ~~

Kristine Sorensen Kristine Sorensen is a writer who lives in Denmark.

Biography of Kristine Sorensen

Kristine Sorensen is an American journalist who, as of April 2013, is employed by KDKA-TV. At noon and 5 p.m., she broadcasts the KDKA-TV News.

Kristine is also included in her weekly Kidsburgh reports, which she produces in conjunction with This is a show that highlights the good aspects of our society, particularly as they relate to children and families.

Kristine formerly presented “Pittsburgh Today Live” on KDKA for 11 years. Her entrance at KDKA-TV, however, came after she had quit her job as a reporter in Dalas, Texas. This was after her master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Government from the College of William & Mary in Virginia, with a minor in dance. Kristine has a Marketing degree from Southern Methodist University to round out her education.

For her important part in her Human Interest stories in her Kidsburgh reporting, Sorensen received a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award. For example, she is known for her portrayal of a colorful crossing guard and a kid in the musical “A Musical Christmas Carol.” Her tale of a child with Autism who learnt to talk with an unique iPad speaking gadget went viral, capturing the attention of many people. It was reported to have attracted a crowd of around 2 million people.


She also received an Edward R. Murrow Award for reporting and an Associated Press Award for presenting Pittsburgh Today Live. The program also took up the award for best news talk show.

After spending valuable time with her children, Kristine’s hobbies take a back seat. Reading, tennis, dancing lessons, and visiting Pittsburgh’s cultural institutions are some of her favorite pastimes.

Sorensen began dancing when she was a child and spent ten years with dance groups. One of her most memorable performances was in 2013 at the Byham Theater with the Bodiography Contemporary Ballet group. Kristine extends her kindness even further by directing and directing the talent show at her children’s primary school.

She was a member of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s Board of Trustees for ten years. She’s even written for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on dancing. Kristine is a strong advocate for the March of Dimes, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Beverly’s Birthdays, and the Jefferson Awards Foundation.

Kristine moved to Pittsburgh for the first time in 1999. She has, however, lived in a number of locations, including Dallas, Johnson City, Tennessee, Chicago, Williamsburg, Virginia, Milwaukee, and Winter Park, Florida. She considers herself to be a permanent resident of Pittsburgh as of today.

Kristine Sorensen’s age and birthday are shown below.

Kristine was born in the United States, in the city of Winter Park. Her birth date, on the other hand, is inaccessible to us. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we get her exact age. Please share any more information with us.

Husband|Children Kristine Sorensen

Kristine is happily married to Marty Griffin, an investigative reporter for KDKA-TV. The couple has three children: Sophia and Chloe, two girls, and Vincent, a boy.

Marty Griffin is a KDKA-TV and KDKA-AM investigative reporter and radio talk show presenter in the United States. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on June 12, 1959.

Kristine Sorensen’s net worth is unknown.

Kristine’s net worth is unknown at this time. However, in order to determine her wage range, we are monitoring the average pay of KDKA-TV workers. We will keep you informed as soon as possible.

Kristine Sorensen was born on 14 June 1932 in Berlin, Germany. She is an actress and film producer. She is best known for her role in the film “Der Kongress (The Congress)”. She is married to Thomas Sorensen. She received the Golden Berlin Bear Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie “Trouble with Harry” in 1986. She also received an award for the same role in the year 2001. She has also received the following awards; Berlin Bear Award for Best Actress, Berlin Bear Award for Best Actress, Berlin Bear Award for Best Actress, Berlin Bear Award for Best Actress, Berlin Bear Award for Best Actress, Berlin Bear Award for Best Actress.. Read more about marty griffin salary and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kristine Sorensen married?

Yes, she is married to a man named Michael Sorensen.

Who is Kristine Sorensen?

Kristine Sorensen is a Danish singer.

What is Kristine Sorensen salary?

Kristine Sorensen is an American actress, producer and director. Her current salary is $2 million per year.

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