Manu was born on the 9th. February 1980 in Downers Grove, Illinois. His nationality is American and he is currently 40 years old. Manu attended Hinsdale South High School and graduated in 1998. Mr. Raju continued his education and enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, where he graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. During his studies, Raju was the sports editor of the Badger Gazette.

Manu Raju’s career data

Raju began working at WMTV in Madison, Wisconsin during his college years. When he worked for the news, he was given written assignments.

After graduating in 2002, he moved to Washington, D.C., and held various positions at Congressional Quarterly, The Hill, and Politico. He worked as a reporter for Politico for seven years.

In 2015, Raju switched to CNN, where he was a senior correspondent covering stories such as Senator Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign and the battle for Donald Trump, leading to amazing behind-the-scenes reporting from some of the biggest political names of the moment.

In 2017, Manu ran a story that raised many ethical questions about Trump’s health and human services nominee, Tom Price. Although the President’s team requested the removal of the article, outside auditors concluded that the article was accurate and factual. They grilled Manu Raya and praised him as a paragon of journalism.

Raju has had his share of controversies, in 2017 CNN retracted a story that Donald Trump Jr and the campaign team had access to WikiLeaks documents. In 2020, Raju attempted a direct response to Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings and was called a liberal hack by Martha McSally. After the incident, Manu received support from the National Press Club and the Capitol Hill Press Corporation.

Manu Raju’s net worth

Manu Raju’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This is just an estimate, considering his or her years of experience in the news industry, the average annual salary of a news correspondent, which can be as high as $100,000 per year, as well as awards and academic achievements.

Manu Raju dating history

There is no information about Manu Raju’s previous dates before his marriage to Arshana. When rumors of her past love life surface on the internet, the story takes on more substance.

Spouse of Manu Raju

The actual date of Manu Raju’s marriage to Arshana Mehta is not known to the public. They keep their marriage to themselves, as they both prefer to keep their private lives as secret as possible.

Archana Mehta knows all about marketing: conveying complex ideas and concepts, turning them into tangible products and excelling as a strategist when it comes to bringing a particular product to market.
Archana has her own marketing company and also leads Mosaic as vice president of marketing.

Manu Raju parents and siblings

Manu Raju’s parents are Dr. Tonce N. K. Raju, a neonatologist and former professor of pediatrics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Vidya Raju. They emigrated to the United States in 1970. Grandfather Manu is a famous Indian poet, namely Gopalakrishna Adiga. He is known for writing his poems in Kannada. Raju also has a brother, Sharat Raju, who works as a director.

Manu Raju Children

Manu and his wife Archana have two beautiful and healthy twins. Their children, Sonia Sushila Raju and Sanjay Mehta Raju, were born two minutes apart on the 9th. Born in November 2015.

The couple has managed to keep all other information about their children out of the media, even the photos posted online with the children are taken so you can’t see their faces.

If Manu and Archana decide to reveal more about their children, the subject of this article will be expanded.

Body dimensions of Manu Raju

Unfortunately, Manu Raju’s body measurements are not currently available to the public. From the photos that he and his wife have put online, it is clear that Manu Raju has a healthy figure. He seems of average height and weight for his age. If Raju reveals information about her measurements, the article will be updated. His hair and eyes are black.

Manu Raju Machines and House

Information about Manu Raju’s assets is not made public because he has managed to keep his private life largely to himself. As more information about his assets and holdings is revealed, the article will be updated accordingly.

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