Tonight on Lifetime, their hit American series Marry at First Sight is a brand new Wednesday 29th. October 2020, season 11, episode 17, titled The Grand Final, and below is a summary of your Marry at First Sight series.

In today’s issue of Wedding at First Look, Season 11 Episode 17, after the summary of life: Ten people, who were married at first sight, come together again to talk about what this unprecedented experience has brought them.  With host Kevin Fraser couples share their fairytale ending and happy memories, but also shocking and dramatic emotional breaks behind the scenes.

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What happened after the day the decision was made? Ten bachelors were paired and matched by relationship experts. These experts have made the best choice. They selected these couples on the basis of similar behaviour and/or similar backgrounds, and while some of them were now happy, others were now divorced. Two couples have decided to get a divorce. Three couples have decided to stay married. They all came back tonight to answer some very necessary questions. Any questions about their situation now that they’re single again? There were also questions about how many couples are still together now that the cameras are gone.

Woody and Amani are still together. It was a success. There was an immediate physical attraction for both of them, and they took the time to get to know each other. Not every couple has tried this. Woody noticed when he said he wanted to get to know his wife emotionally first, and that sex wasn’t his first priority. He wanted to know everything about Amani. He took care of her, too. He left behind flowers that led to the bathtub he painted especially for her. He gave her random gifts, like diamond earrings, just because Woody was a romantic. And he made it easy for Amani to fall in love with him.

Woody also quickly started calling Amani’s wife, and he calls her ma’am. Randall. Tonight Amani was asked if she was officially ready to take Woody’s last name. She said she wanted it. In fact, she tried to change her name during her quarantine, but she couldn’t because she didn’t have access to the social security office, which was locked. Only Amani will try again once it’s open. She wants to take Woody’s name, and the fact that she tried was important to him. Woody and Amani discussed how to have children and a dog. They fought to get a dog, but Amani knows Woody will go into the cave if she follows him.

Tonight we asked Woody if he was hiding anything from Amani. Amani believes he’s always been honest with her, so it must have been interesting to see him sweat tonight. She wondered what he was hiding. She never thought that Woody would fall on his knees for her or that he would tell everyone that he really loved her. Woody even bought her a new engagement ring. Shaw bought his first ring, and Woody wanted his wife to have what he chose and paid for it. It was a wonderful moment. Amani accepted her new alliance in tears, and it was clear that she loved Woody more than ever.

They called their love story a fairy tale. They are two strangers who have been reunited and have spent a romantic holiday. They fell in love when they met, and the backdrop for all this was beautiful scenes from New Orleans. Woody and Amani couldn’t be happier. They were so different from Brett and Olivia’s couple. Brett and Olivia were married, but now they’re getting divorced and they can’t even be in the same room. Brett stayed home because of his so-called job. He said he couldn’t risk his job, so he let Olivia walk into the studio alone.

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