Martha Fitzgerald was also known by her ex-husband Rush Limbaugh. Martha, however, was an aerobics instructor before she married Rush. And shortly after their marriage, she started her own magazine.

In addition, Martha is currently single and caring for her two children. She is also interested in the real estate market, where she is doing very well.

State of relations

Martha Fitzgerald is currently single. However, she was once married to prominent radio host and political analyst Rush Limbaugh. Martha and Rush met through CompuServe in 1990. From there, the couple was together for almost four years before marrying on the 27th. May 1994. The couple were married at the home of the Supreme Court of the United States, with Clarence Thomas officiating at the ceremony.

Although they are together, we rarely see them travel and dine together. After ten years of living together, they agreed to end their relationship. While Rush was the 11th. In June 2004, he announced his separation from Martha, claiming that he had asked her for a divorce. But it was Martha who took the first step out of her apartment. The dispute lasted several days, and finally on the 21st. In December 2004, the divorce was officially sanctioned.

Past Relationships

Martha and Rush didn’t even have children after ten years together. But from Martha’s previous marriage she had two children, a son and a daughter. However, she has never publicly revealed the identity of her former husband.

Plus, Martha Rush is married for the second time. Because of her personal life, she did not give details about her previous life. But for Rush, it was his third marriage to Martha Fitzgerald. He was previously married to Roxie Maxine McNeely and Michelle Sista. After divorcing Martha, he married Catherine Rogers in 2010 and moved on with his life.

Shareholders’ equity and remuneration

Martha Fitzgerald has not yet publicly disclosed its net worth. As we already know, she doesn’t like public attention and keeps her private life private. However, her ex-husband Rush Limbaugh has already raised a huge amount of money during his long career.

The famous American radio host and political analyst has won millions of fans for his profession. Through his work as a radio host, he managed to raise $500 million in 2016. And in recent years, it has built a net worth of $600 million. He also earns about $85 million a year, including salary, bonuses, profit sharing and fees for personal appearances.

Rush also broadcasts from his $26 million beachfront home in West Palm Beach. Rush also owns a penthouse on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Beginning of life and career

Martha Limbaugh was born on the 10th. of December 1960 in Titusville, Florida, USA. She is of white nationality and her birth sign is Sagittarius. She gave no information about her previous life. Martha attended the University of North Florida where she earned a degree in journalism. After graduation, she began working as an intern at the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville in 1993.

After her marriage, she created her own magazine, which she launched in March 1998. Later, in October, however, the magazine failed only three times. Martha is now in real estate and making a lot of money.

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