Matthew William Lawrence was born on the 11th. February 1980 in Abington, Pennsylvania. He is an actor and singer, known for the series Mrs. Doubtfire and Boy Meets World.

Matthew Lawrence Career data

Lawrence began his acting career very early in life. In 1985 he played Danny Carrington in Dynasty, and in the early 1990s he appeared in numerous films and television shows, including Mrs. Carrington’s Dynasty. Doubtful with Robin Williams. In 1995, he starred in the television series Superhuman Samurai – Cyber-squad. He also starred in Brotherly Love with his brothers in real life, and in Boy Meets World, where he played Jack Hunter. During this time, he also starred in Hot Chick.

At the age of three, his mother began taking him and his brother Joseph to New York City. The reason is that they took singing and dancing lessons and went on commercial auditions. Lawrence, like his older brother, wanted to enter the world of entertainment and was passionate about art. At the age of four, he commissioned two national commercials. He then moved with his family to Los Angeles.

Lawrence began his singing career in 1986 when he participated in the Thanksgiving parade at Macy’s. He also sang in two episodes of Gimme a Break, two episodes of Brotherly Love and his final musical moment in Boy Meets World.

In 2002, Joseph, his brother and Matthew enrolled at the University of Southern California. Matthew has always excelled in biology; it is still a passion for him. He has two dogs and several chameleons.

In 2011, Lawrence starred in the ABC Family sitcom by his brother, Melissa and Joey.

In 2015, he resumed his role as Jack Hunter in Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World.

In 2017, Matthew formed a band called Still Three with Joey and Andy. That year they released their single Lose Myself.

Personal life of Matthew Lawrence, parents

Matthew Lawrence is the son of Donna Lynn, Human Resources Manager, and Joseph Lawrence Mignonne, Sr.

History of marriage and prenuptial agreements for Matthew Lawrence

Matthew Lawrence’s love life has changed over the years. He was engaged to Heidi Mueller from 2004 to 2006. Then he met Cheryl Burke, a professional dancer, through her brother, who was on Dancing with the Stars at the time. They began dating and remained in a relationship until 2008, when they broke up. However, they got back together in 2017 after she sent him a cheery Christmas message, encouraged by her sister.

After a year and a half of dating, the couple headed to a beach resort in Laguna Beach to celebrate Burke’s birthday. He took her to a room full of flowers and gave her a birthday card, but it was printed in very small print, so she had to hold the card close to her face. When she finished reading, she saw Matthew on his knees with a diamond engagement ring, the ring Cheryl’s father, who had died two months earlier, had proposed to her mother – all in May 2018.

Originally, they planned to get married in the Philippines, where the bride’s mother is from. They love the weather and the beach. However, since traveling was not ideal for everyone, they decided to hold their wedding ceremony closer to home. They hired Mindy Weiss, just like the bride wanted. Cheryl was introduced to the planner by Kris Jenner when she appeared on the show with Rob Kardashian in 2011, and was reintroduced to the show by her bridesmaid Leah Remini. The bride didn’t want a ballroom because she thought he was born in a ballroom, so they chose the Fairmont Gran Del Mar. They were finally married in San Diego, California in May 2019. All the stars of Dancing with the Stars were in attendance and the dance floor was never empty, Burke’s sister sang and everyone enjoyed the evening. Seeing everyone laughing and having fun, Cheryl reflected on the celebration. Once the big day is over, it’s time to start married life with a magical honeymoon. The newlyweds first went on safari to Kenya to experience Matthew’s love of animals, then a luxurious stay in the Seychelles.


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