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Meghan Markel’s brother Thomas Jr is known for his controversial comments on social media. In this Instagram video, Thomas Jr takes on the topic of the 31-year-old singer’s relationship with her boyfriend, Michael Burns. Thomas Jr, who is a former contestant on the reality TV series Australian Big Brother (2014), doesn’t think Burns, who is 25 years her senior, would make a good boyfriend.

Meghan Markel's Brother Thomas Jr Shades Her On Big Brother VIP AustraliaWhen Meghan Markle starred in Suits, she had come a long way from her humble beginnings. She changed her name from Rachel Zane to the Dutchess of Sussex after marrying Prince Harry. Her family, particularly her father Thomas and half-brother Thomas Jr., have a lot of problems with her new living situation, and both of them have shaded her on many occasions. Thomas Jr. debuts on Australia’s Big Brother VIP now that he is no longer jobless and destitute. He shadowed Meghan once more there.

Meghan Markle’s Brother Thomas Jr. Is Having Problems

They say you can’t pick your family, and that definitely applies to Harry’s wife and mother of two. Since relocating to the United States, the royal couple has seemed to be extremely committed to collecting money for charitable organizations. Meghan’s aspirations to make a difference in the world seem to be more aligned with her decision to forego the pomp and ceremony of Buckingham Palace. Her half-brother, on the other hand, who hadn’t seen or spoken to her in years, had a lot to say about it. He lost his job and became homeless at one point, and he claimed that they were more concerned about strangers than her own family.

He also reasoned that Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry would deter people from hiring him. He also expressed dissatisfaction since his family was denied permission to join the royal couple in the United Kingdom when her son Archie arrived. Some doubters are perplexed by her sudden eagerness to be a part of her life. After all, people appeared to be less interested in her when she was simply another drama actor. In fact, he credited his father with her whole accomplishment. He did, however, get a role in Australia’s Big Brother VIP, perhaps as a result of his connection. In fact, if that’s the case, he seems very thankful.

Meghan Markle’s half-brother is a Big Brother VIP contestant.

If you are unfamiliar with Big Brother VIP, it is a popular reality show that features celebrities. According to ELLE, the cast includes a “Kardashian-Jenner member and a British royalty’s brother.” In addition, an Australian MAFS celebrity is a contestant on the TV game show. The royal link turned out to be Thomas Jr. Caitlyn Jenner, Jessica Power, and Omarosa Newman are among the cast members. In addition, a number of local celebrities are expected to attend.


According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Meghan Markle’s brother slammed her in the teaser for the Channel 7 program. In the trailer, Thomas Jr. emerged from a flashy vehicle and presented himself as Harry’s wife’s brother. He then began his introduction by stating that he is “the oldest brother of them all.” He then blasted his sister and reminded viewers that he warned Harry, “I believe she’s going to destroy your life,” but he didn’t stop there. She’s a superficial person.”

Fans React To The Shade

Fans voiced their displeasure with Meghan’s brother in the comments section of the video on YouTube. “It’s interesting how Meghan’s relatives didn’t have anything to say while she was working on the TV program Suits,” one of them remarked. But now that she’s seeing Prince Harry, they’re trying to spread rumors about her. Who needs adversaries when you have a family like hers?” Others agreed, but a few spoke out in support of Thomas, citing reports that Meghan was a royal bee among the royal staff in the United Kingdom.

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