There is a well-known saying that classics are always in fashion, and the tie as the main host of men’s fashion is the best proof of this.

First place goes to the most expensive tie ever published, designed and presented by the Satya Paul design studio. Her name is Suashish Tie and she’s worth $220,000.

Sushi tie from Satya Paul design studio.

This name distinguishes it from the others because, like the company, it is of Indian origin. The most important characteristic is the diamond, which has been carefully produced by the Suashish Diamond Group.

The total number of jewels on the necktie is 271, allowing it to shine and safely attract the attention of the public. In addition, the product contains 150 grams of gold, which guarantees the luxurious effect. If you are talking about the studio, you can mention that the small country of origin is Leiga, which is in Pakistan.

The year of foundation was 1985.

For this reason, the clothes wear certain Indian national motifs and bring the original oriental culture to other countries.

Second place went to the band of Stefano Ricci and his group, a European design studio that got its winery in Italy in 1972. It’s black and classic, but modern and light. The basic descriptions can be : The diamond, because it has a small round shape, sparkling jewel crystals, good texture and shape.

Stefano Ricci's diamond tie.

Stefano Ricci’s diamond tie.

The final cost will be $30,000, putting us in second place in our rankings.

In third place is the EMPA Golden Tie, which is sold for $8,500. For about ten years this indispensable garment was manufactured in a special laboratory in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

EMPA Gold strap

EMPA Gold strap

It received many positive reviews because it was even considered the best combination of silk and gold in a model in the fashion industry. What are the other characteristics – a tie contains 24-carat gold in its structure – probably the largest amount at the moment.

As it appeared in designer boutiques in Europe in 2012, it is still on the wave of popularity and attracts a large audience.

In fourth place is Stefano Ricci’s official crystal tie, which costs $1,775 and was easily transformed into an office style. The silvery colour of natural silk gives the appearance a special elegance.

The Formal Crystal Connection by Stefano Ricci

The Formal Crystal Connection by Stefano Ricci

There are also a few small jewelry crystals that perfectly match the product and make it shine a little. The Italian tradition of brevity is perfectly understandable here – nothing but the intelligence of the colours.

Last but not least, we have a fantastic Christian Lacroix fancy tie model that comes in two versions, both colorful, attractive and bright, for $1,150 each for an item in designer boutiques and other fashion boutiques.

Lacroix Christian tie fancy painting

Lacroix Christian tie fancy painting

The material from which it is made – silk, of very high quality, so expensive that it is beyond the reach of the average citizen and has not been brought into an ordinary office.


You are what you wear, so make sure you don’t miss your chance.

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