MTV Floribama Shore is an American reality show that succeeds Jersey Shore. The series began in November 2017, after eight young men lived together for the summer in the Florida Panhandle. There are eight protagonists, Kirk Medas, Candice Rice, Nielsa Pravant, Gus Smirnios, Courtney Gilson, Jeremy Buoni, Cody Butts, Aimee Hall with a returning cast, Matty Lynn Bro.

Biography of MTV Floribam Shore Casting

The elimination of MTV Floribama consists of different personalities from different sides. Kirk Medas is a 28-year-old actor, born on the 19th. January 1992 in Georgia, USA. Little information about Kirk Medas has been published in the exhibition, except that he grew up with his younger sister Karela.

Candice Rice is about the same age as Kirk, born at the age of 29. December 1992 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Nielsa Pravant is younger than the two cast members mentioned above, born at the age of 2. January 1994 in Panama City, Florida.

Courtney Gilson, one of the youngest participants in the casting at the age of 25, was honored on 20 June. Born in July 1995. She’s originally from Panama City, Florida.

Gus Smirnois, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, was born on December 20. Born in March 1995, he is currently 25 years old. He attended the Christian Academy and continued his studies at Santa Fe College.

Jeremiah Buoni, 24, from Ameliah, Florida, was born on the 23rd. Born in March 1996.

Cody Butts, a more discreet actor, 28, was born on the 3rd. January and born in Westminster, South Carolina.

Aimee Hall, who has protected privacy, grew up as a Baptist Christian in Bay Minette, Alabama.

Matty Lynn Brod is from Genesis, Louisiana. She is currently 31 years old and was born on the 6th. Born in May 1990.

MTVs Floribama Coast Casting Quarry Details

Most members of the cast were unknown before their appearance on MTV Floribama 2017. Some of them are models and actors who have gained popularity and fame through their television appearances. Their career is focused on MTV, and few of them do anything else. Mattie Lynn Breaux in particular was a model before joining the MTV reality series, and is now part of the guerrilla group on Party Down South, a reality show at CMT. She was recently convicted of a third offence against the ban on drink-driving and sentenced to a year in prison.

As for the performance of other cast members in other television series, Aimee and Niels appeared in the first season of How Far Away Is The Tattoo, and Cody Butt and Kirk in the second season.

MTV Floribama Shore Casting Net costs

The stars on the Florybam coast range from $50,000 to $500,000 from 2019. They say their salary for the season is about $20,000 a person.

MTVs Floribama Coast Cast Dating History

With a constant dose of alcohol and daily parties, it is inevitable that the members of the Floribam Shore cast become involved in love affairs and film romances. Jeremiah and Matty had a few moments on screen, but no news of a solid relationship.

Cody Butt seems to go back and forth between Nielsa Pravant and Aimee Hall, but he doesn’t see anyone yet.

Gus Smirnius had a relationship with Nielsa Pravant for the first two seasons of the series.

However, Gus Smirnius would have had a girlfriend who was an obstacle to any relationship between him and Nielsa. He’s alone now.

MTVs Floribama Coast Cast Dating History

Most members of the Floribam Shore cast relate to the festive lifestyle that their presence in the show requires. The only cast member in this relationship is Courtney Gilson, who betrayed her friend Ryan Trackwell.

MTVs Floribama Shore Cast Brand Castings

None of the actors on Floribam-Shore are married. However, Nilsa Pravant was divorced and had a miscarriage during her now dissolved marriage.

MTV Floribama Shore Cast Parents

The names and parental information of the actors are not generally known.

MTV Floribama Shore Cast Children

The cast members don’t have children at the moment.

MTVs Floribama Coastal gutters body measurements

Below you will find the dimensions of the body according to the size and weight of the moulded parts;

  • Candice King is 5 foot 8 inches tall, weighs 53 kg, has brown eyes and black hair.
  • Kirk Medas is 5 foot 8 inches long and weighs 67 pounds.
  • Nielsa Pravant is 1.5 m high.
  • Courtney Gilson is six feet tall and weighs 62 kilograms.
  • Jeremiah Buoni is 1.82 m high and weighs 82 kg.
  • Matty Breaux is six feet tall.
  • Gus Smyrniose is 1.5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 72 kg.
  • Aimee Hall is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs between 62 and 64 kilos.

MTV Floribama Coast Cast Cars and House

Information about the houses and cars of the team members is not generally known.

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