“NBC Cancels Good Girls” is a hit TV show starring Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman about Grace, Amy, and Annie, three suburban moms who steal $100,000 from their mom’s employer and set out to spend the money on a dream vacation abroad. Although the show started off good, it soon became a parody of the “good girls gone bad” trope, and the show’s ratings dropped. Last season, the show’s creators made a bold move: they killed off the main characters, and the show was officially cancelled.

NBC has announced the cancellation of Good Girls after three seasons. The show is scheduled to air two episodes on April 17th and April 24th, closing out the series on a high note.

It seems that Good Girls season finale is not meant to happen after all, even after budget cuts and the show’s main cast confirming that they’ll be returning for the shortened season. It’s becoming typical in the world of broadcast-TV to cancel a movie untimely before it reaches a meaningful ending and conclusion.

Countless shows have suffered the fate, and despite how hard the main cast of the NBC dramedy worked to see its return, it seems Good Girls is going down that same road as another cancelled show.

Good Girls News – Reason For Good Girls’ Cancellation

In late May, news began to spill that NBC had unofficially signed off on a plan to renew Good Girls’ for a fifth and final season in order to give fans of the show a well-earned closure.

All three of the series’ leading ladies, Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta, agreed to pay cuts in order to reprise their roles for one more season. The season was previously announced to be made up of eight episodes. Production was slated to begin in Spring 2022. It was basically a closed deal.

Good Girls News – One Month Later, It Was Announced That NBC Had Finally Cancelled The Show.

The reason, according to the network, was a financial one. “[We] very much wanted to bring Good Girls back for one more season to close out the story,” an NBC source revealed. “but unfortunately we were unable to make the financials work.”

Other sources connected to NBC, Universal Television and the show, insist that the reason why the show isn’t getting another season run is more than just that of money.

According to an anonymous Good Girls insider, the series hit a major snag in mid-June when negotiations with co-star Manny Montana – who plays the fan favorite character Rio in the series, hit a wall due to money and scheduling.

This of course led to speculations that Montana’s strained relationship with on-again/off-again scene partner Christina Hendricks (who plays Beth) may have played a part, making him less willing to take the kind of pay cut NBC was asking of him.

Montana’s reps refused to comment on the story, while a spokesperson for Hendricks did not respond to TVLine’s request for comments.

Good Girls News – Manny Montana And Christina Hendricks’ Relationship

Manny Montana, 37, and Christina Hendricks, 46, have not made any attempt to hide that their work together is very professional and nothing more than that.

In a 2020 interview with The Total Celebrity Show podcast, Montana described his relationship with Hendricks as: “We come in, do our job, and then go home. It’s very business-like.”

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In 2019, Hendricks spoke to Medium on Beth/Rio steamy scenes, “He’s a great actor and we have great chemistry working together and… He’s just… It’s just a very sort of respectful work. You know, it’s funny, because I know people love [Beth and Rio]. We, of course… love that. It’s exciting and stuff. But it’s not as… it’s much more professional than anyone would think.”

Hendricks also complained about Manny’s inconsiderate attitude towards her during an interview. “No one in my life calls me Chris,” Hendricks said at an event in support of the series at 92nd Street Y last year. “It’s not my name. I think it’s totally stupid. And he’s never taken the chance to realize that I hate it.”

The show’s cancellation was announced as its fourth season run was coming to an end. Good Girls’ two-hour finale is set to air on July 22nd on NBC.

Efforts were also made to move the show to Netflix, which holds the show’s streaming rights, although it ended up being unsuccessful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did NBC cancel good girls?

NBC canceled the show after two seasons.

What NBC shows have been Cancelled for 2020?

NBC has cancelled the following shows for 2020: The Brave, Good Girls, The InBetween, Manifest, Rise, and The Village.

Is Season 4 the last season of good girls?

No, Season 4 is not the last season of good girls.

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