The New Patriotic Party (NPP) received with shock and concern the news of the dismissal of Special Prosecutor Martin Amidou.

Monday the 16th. In November 2020, Mr Amidou resigned as president.

The Special Prosecutor (SP) cited as one of the reasons for his dismissal the reaction to the risk assessment and anti-corruption report on the agreement with Agjapa Royalty Limited and the President’s political interference.

In a statement signed and released Tuesday by Yao Boaben Asamoa, the communications director of the nuclear power plant, in response to the dismissal of the joint venture, the party said it was shocked by the decision and said that Amidou had decided to take a step back from the golden opportunity to create an effective agency, with a better part of three years to demonstrate and consolidate its undeniable links with the fight against corruption.

He stated that the Presidency and the Ministry of Finance have made every effort to make the Special Prosecutor’s Office functional, effective and independent.

He stated that all Mr Amid had to do was to continue his mandate through investigation and prosecution if a prima facie case could be established under the agreement with Agyapa Royalties Limited.

Otherwise, Mr. Amidou’s noble gesture of resignation could unfortunately add a touch of political generosity, he says.

He said that according to the ANP, the president has been honest, sincere and sincere in his convictions about the fight against corruption.

Mr Amidou did not resign because an inquiry into his case was an intervention by the President or a member of the government, she said.

The statement indicates that, since 2018, Mr Amid has received all the assistance required by law for the independent and effective functioning of the Agency.

No political figure has interfered with the administration of this agency, she said.

She explained that the decision to appoint a PA, Amidou, was a clear indication that the president did not intend to run the office like a lackey.

Independence cannot be infallible. Independence does not mean that the Agency’s actions cannot be commented on by the public, as is the case with Mr Amidou’s report on Ayapa.

Moreover, the principles of natural justice must be respected at all times in order for the SSO to function properly. Mr Amidu’s letter of resignation appears to have been established because the President attempted to apply the rules of the Audi Alteram Partem to allow the Minister of Finance to present his case following a report on the assessment of the risks of corruption against Ayapa and the evaluation of the Minister’s role in the case and the formulation of conclusions, without first giving the Minister the opportunity to explain matters falling outside the scope of the documents evaluated.

In short, it is precisely the independence and credibility of the Board of Directors that require a careful review of its performance.
As the Office has the power and the right to publish the report, the President of the beneficiary country is also obliged in this context to contact the Minister of Finance, who will contribute in a clear and transparent way in his note to the discussion of the issues raised in the report at the request of the President.

We don’t know how to extend it to an intervention. Nothing has been said or done that would prevent the Special Prosecutor from conducting a full and proper investigation into Abyapa beyond the assessment made.

All she had to do was to continue her mandate to investigate and prosecute if there were sufficient grounds, according to the statement.

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