Omarose On Manigo, better known as Omaroza, is a former American reality and television presenter who served as political assistant in the White House under U.S. President Donald J. Clinton. He was a member of Trump Omaros’ administration following his appointment as Director of Public Relations on 20 January 2017 and only joined the Board of Directors on 20 January 2017. January 2018. Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

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Omarosa appeared in the spotlight during the first season of the popular reality show Apprentice Donald Trump. She has been one of the most famous participants of the show and has appeared on the show for three different seasons, among others as a star pupil: All the stars. Omarosa has also appeared on several other reality TV shows and was added to the TV 2013 magazine list by one of Nastyt 60 TV’s all-time villains.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

Childhood and education

Omarosa was born on the 5th. February 1974, born in Youngstown, Ohio, daughter of Jack Thomas Manigo sen. and Theresa Marie Walker. When she was only seven years old, her father was murdered. Omaroza had two siblings: an older brother named Jack Thomas Manigo, who was killed in 2011, and an older sister named Gladys Louise Manigo, who died in February 2016.

Omarosa studied and graduated from Reyen’s School in Youngstown and went to Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism in 1996. She then went to Howard University in Washington, D.C., to earn a master’s degree and also applied for a doctorate in communication sciences, but was unable to complete it. Omarosa also visited the Theological Seminary of Payne in Wilberforce, Ohio, where she studied the Bible.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

Career growth

Omarosa began her career in the 1990s working for the Clinton administration as Vice President Al Gore, where she served as an assistant to the President’s Director of Specialized Logistics and was later appointed assistant to the President’s Human Resources Director. However, Gore, an anonymous employee, claimed that she was actually working as a correspondent according to the plan. Then she was transferred to the White House human resources department. Omarosa became a public figure after her appearance on the reality show Donald Trump Student on NBC and soon won the title of the woman who loved America to hate, and E! called her the bad girl number one on the reality show. She also participated in her Celebrity Apprentice program: All the stars. She also worked with Trump on a dating series called The Final Merger on TV One Network.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

In July 2016, at the Republican National Congress in Omaros, he was appointed director of Afro-American propaganda for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Following Trump’s election as president, Omaros was appointed assistant to the president and in January 2017 he was appointed director of Public Relations.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

The 13th. In December 2017 Omarosa announced that she was leaving Trump’s office. Despite the fact that several sections of the media disputed Omarosa’s resignation, she said she had resigned on her own initiative.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

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When she joined Big Brother Celebrity, Omarosa made headlines by publicly criticizing the Trump administration on a reality TV show. She said she wouldn’t vote for Trump anymore.  Omarosa was one of the five finalists on the show.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

Personal life

Omarosa has been married twice. She married Aaron Stollworth in October 2000-2005. In 2010 she began to meet Michael Clark Duncan and was with him until he died of a cardiac arrest in September 2012.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

With Aaron Stollworth’s ex-husband.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

This is Michael Clark Duncan…

In April 2017, Omarosa married John Allen Newman, a senior pastor in Jacksonville, Florida. The couple tied a knot at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. Omarosa is also an ordained Baptist priest and received his doctorate from the United Theological Seminary. She is qualified as a pastor and was officially ordained in February 2012.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

Omarosa manigo – net value and content

Upon taking office, Mr. Omarosa received an annual salary of $179,000. It has a net value of approximately $3.5 million.–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg–-Net-Worth-Salary-Age-Husband-Wiki.jpg

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