Patrick Joseph Buchanan an American Paleoconservative political commentator, columnist, politician and broadcaster. Was born November 2nd 1938, from a catholic family of William Buchanan a pattern in an accounting firm and Catherine Elizabeth Buchanan a nurse and homemaker, in Washington D.C. he has eight siblings six brothers Brian, Henry, James, John, Thomas and William Jr. Buchanan and two sisters Kathleen Theresa and Angela Marie Buchanan.

Pat Buchanan Family And Education Details

Concerning his family background his great grand-father fought in American civil war. Regarding his education he studied at Gonzaga High School, he holds a bachelor degree in English which he got from Georgetown University in 1960, he received a master’s degree in Journalism at Columbia University in 1962. He married Shelley Ann Scarney a staffer at White house, in 1971. They live in McLean, Virginia a wealthy suburb of Washington. He drives a Mercedes Benz. And he has a net worth of $7million.

Pat Buchanan Career Details

He has been The White house Communications direction, he run for presidential election in 2002, he sought the Republican Presidential nomination in 1992 and 1996. He is the original host on CNN’s crossfire, he was an assistant and a special consultant to different U.S president including Ronald Reagan. He founded the American cause and he co-founded the American conservative; he has been a political commentator on the MSNBC cable network. He is a regular panelist on the Mclaughlin Group.

His career in writing started in 1961, when he joined St. Louis Globe-Democrat at age of 23, in 1964 he was promoted to assistant editorial page editor and he supported Barry Gold water’s presidential campaign, he was a member of the young Americans for freedom. He served as an executive assistant in different law offices in New York City in 1965. In 1966, he was hired by Nixon’s presidential campaign as an advisor, he has been on Nixon’s campaign from 1966 to 1968 and he became trusted on press relations, policy positions and political strategy. He worked at White house during Nixon’s presidency as assistant and speech writer, he shaped the strategy that drew millions of democrats to president. After the resignation of Nixon in 1974, Pat stayed on as special assistant under next president Gerald Ford.

Coming to his career as a political commentator, he co-hosted liberal columnist Tom Braden called the Buchanan-Braden program. He has been a commentator on NBC radio from 1978-1984. From 1982-1999 he worked as TV career as a regular on the Mclaughlin Group and CNN’s crossfire and this made him nationally recognizable, he returned to White house as White house communications director from February 1985 to march 1987 under Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

In 1990, Buchanan published a newsletter called Patrick Joseph Buchanan “from the right”. He ran on a plat form of immigration reduction and social conservation including opposition to multi culturalism, abortion and gay right, he only won 23% of the votes. In 1993, he founded the American cause, a conservative educational foundation, in July same year to march 1995, he returned to radio and he hosted “Buchanan and company” a three-hour talk show for mutual broadcasting system. In 1996 he also campaigned for republican nomination for presidential primaries and he only won 21% of the votes, he departed from Republican party October 1999, a year after in 2000 he won to be the “New York Right to Life party” nominee with 90% of the votes, he then run for presidential election in which he only got 0.4% of the votes. He said “When I took one look at that ballot on Election Night … it’s very easy for me to see how someone could have voted for me in the belief they voted for AI Gore” after this he announced that he is a republican and that he will no longer run for president.

As a commentator, July 2002 he worked on the crossfire format at MSNBC as “Buchanan and press” November 2003 Buchanan and press was cancelled and he stayed at MSNBC as political analyst. February 2012, he was fired from MSNBC due to his book called “the end of white America” which was taken as racism, he had other cases of racism such as false allegations. October 2002, he co- founded “The American conservative” a new magazine intending to promote traditional conservative. He is a pioneer of the vision that Trump run on and won on.

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