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José Francisco Garza Durón (December 1, 1965) was born in Monterrey, Mexico. The composer, musician and programmer is considered one of the most representative figures of the Mexican radio and music industry in the United States. Throughout his career Garza has promoted many regional Mexican musicians, such as Lupillo Rivera, Jenny Rivera, Yolanda Perez, Rojelio Martínez, Jorge Gamboa, Valentin Elizalde, Espinoza Paz, Ganda Recodo and Ganda La Arrollador, who have found their way on stage in a short time. Because of this talent for finding new voices, he is called a star maker. He started his career in radio as a broadcaster and later became a producer for several Mexican radio stations, after which he moved to the United States where he became one of the most prominent personalities in radio.


Jose Garza, known as Pepe Garza, started his career in the radio industry as a broadcaster in Monterrey. Over time he gained experience and found his way in the radio industry. His talent and knowledge enabled him to develop his radio activities and become a radio programmer. In his early years as a programmer, he distinguished himself by being hired by large Mexican television stations. While working as a programmer, he began to make his own songs, including the song That Crazy I Am by the group Liberation, which was nominated for the Lo Nuestro Awards in the category of best Mexican regional song. After a long period on Mexican radio he decided to move to the United States, a country where Mexican regional music has a large audience, most of them immigrants.

Pepe on American Radio

After moving to the United States, he joined KBUE-FM or Qué Buena, a radio station in Southern California, which he ran for several years; it is one of the best-known stations in the United States. It conveys the success of Mexican regional music, a genre that has spread to non-Mexican releases in recent years. It is becoming a trend in several Latin American countries. As a key figure in the regional music scene, Garza has promoted big stars such as El Coyote, Jenny Rivera, Yolanda Perez, known as La Potranquita, Rojelio Martínez, Valentin Elizalde, Jorge Gamboa, as well as famous groups such as Los Originales de San Juan, Cuidillos, Banda Recodo, Banda La Arrolladora and Banda Liberación, among others.

On the station he promoted several radio figures celebrated by the audience, including El Morro, a restless and daring child created by Garza and his partner Thomas Rubio. This trend became clear after the release of his children’s music album, which was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award as a children’s producer in 2001. This character was declared the musical event of the year by Furia Musical Magazine.

Another remarkable figure of the artist is Don Cheto, a figure inspired by the immigrant and his life in the United States, with qualities such as simplicity and friendliness, which in some cases can be interpreted as naivety. Don Cheto is always true to his traditions and represents a Mexican living in the United States.

In the 2000s, Garza undertook several projects related to the world of Mexican regional music, such as the establishment of the Los de la Radio Prize, which rewards the most remarkable artists of the regional music scene. Later, together with his brother Alejandro Garza, he founded the company Arpa Music, which brought together composers such as Hoss Favela, Luciano Moon, Orazio Palencia, Espinosa Paz and others, whose compositions were performed by famous stars such as Talia, David Bisbal, Jenny Rivera, Ganda la Arrolladora, Pedro Fernandez, Ganda RS and many others.

In 2009 he became a jury member of the musical reality show I have a lot of talent, produced by Estrella Tv. This program is one of the most popular in the United States and is aimed exclusively at a Spanish-speaking audience. He is considered one of Garza’s most important judges because of his long career and knowledge of the music industry.

In the same period he was successful in his career as a composer and won several BMI prizes in the category best composition on the damned Capricio theme. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers also won the Coyote Song of the Year Award with the group Oro Norteño. Years later he published Who the Devil is Durón? with hits by Juan Rivera, Graciela Beltran, Jenny Rivera, La Limón Banda, La Costenia, Oro Nortenso and Roleros del Norte, to name but a few.

In 2016 he started registering Pepe’s Office, which will be posted on YouTube. In this interview you’ll see a famous programmer who advises and interviews artists from the Mexican regional music scene, his last interview was with El de la Guitarra. Download…

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