Pete Buttigieg is the 44th mayor of South Bend, Indiana and a 2020 Democratic candidate for president. He’s also one of America’s most charming politicians.

Pete Buttigieg is an American politician and the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He was a candidate for President in 2020. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2022. His wife’s name is Chasten Buttigieg and they have two children together.

Pete Buttigieg Net Worth 2022, Wiki, Wife, Kids, Full Name, Education

Pete Buttigieg Net Worth, Wiki, Spouse, Full Name, Party, Family, Profiles

In this article, we’ll look at Pete Buttigieg’s net worth, career, and wiki. Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg is an American politician and Afghan War veteran. On January 19, 1982, he was born.

Pete Buttigieg has a net worth of $20 million as of 2022.

Pete Buttigieg’s Wiki

Full name Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg is his full name.
Country America
Occupation He works as a politician.
DOB His birthday is January 19, 1982.
BP His hometown is South Bend, Indiana, United States.
Pete’s political affiliation Democratic is the name of his political party.
Pete’s father’s name is Joseph Buttigieg is his father’s name.
Pete’s mother’s name is J. Anne Montgomery is his mother’s name.
Relationship status He is a married man.
Name of the husband Chasten Glezman is his husband’s name (m. 2018)
Website Website for the campaign

Pete’s Childhood and Family

Pete’s father’s name is is Joseph and his mother’s name is Jennifer Buttigieg. His father is from Malta and migrated to the U.S.A. his father is a Literature at the University of Notre Dame. Pete Buttigieg’s mother is from Indiana. His mother is also a professor at the University of Notre Dame.

Education of Pete Buttigieg

Pete continued his education at Harvard University after high school. He received his bachelor’s degree in 2004. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a bachelor’s degree.

During his undergraduate years, Pete was active in politics. In Washington, D.C., he also worked for a consulting business. Pete worked for John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004.

Pete Buttigieg’s Military Service

Pete enlisted in the army in 2007. After two years, he was promoted to Reserve Officer in the United States Navy. In 2014, Pete was elected mayor of South Bend. He was sent to Kabul to assist ATFC.

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Pete wrote a book called Shortest Way Home in 2019 about his experiences fighting in this conflict. In 2015, he revealed to me that he is homosexual.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend

Pete was twenty-nine years old when he won the mayor’s election. In 2012, he was elected mayor of South Bend.

Pete contested the mayor’s race once again in 2015. During Chief Darryl Boykins’ first term, his officers’ phone conversations were monitored from police with his approval.


His departure was prompted by this occurrence. He directed that new programs for the restoration and cleaning of derelict buildings be launched, as well as the promotion of urban areas. After completing his two terms, he handed up his office to his classmate James Mueller.

Pete’s Presidential Campaign and Policies

During his presidential campaign in 2019, several other members of his party were unable to endorse him. He gained a reputation towards the end of the year as a result of his efforts, and he is now polling just behind Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren.

Pete’s Medicare Work

In America, the topic of healthcare has become passionate and contentious. He used a different method to dealing with this sort of problem. He said that Medicare is available to anybody who wants it, and he pitched the notion to the American government. Warren and Sanders both agreed with him.

Concerning the national issue

Pete has developed A New Call to Service, a proposal for high school students to volunteer in national initiatives such as PC and AC. Addiction, mentoring, climate change, and mental health challenges were the most pressing issues at the time.

The United States Supreme Court

Pete also proposed adding five extra judges to the Supreme Court of the United States. They were only able to serve after receiving directives from the Supreme Court’s ten justices. He also said that he would recommend the most feasible and effective strategy for forming a bipartisan panel. When he is elected president, this will happen.

Pete Is Dropping Out

He alleged he was taken out of the presidential campaign when he was barely behind Sanders and Biden in South Carolina. He further said, “Our aim is to defeat Donald Trump and to win this age only on the basis of our beliefs.” Pete hoped that the suggestions he made would benefit his party and nation in the future.

Pete’s Private Lives

In 2015, Pete found his spouse on a dating app called Tinder. Chasten is the name of his spouse. In 2018, he married him. In Indiana, his spouse works as a teacher. His spouse quit his job to back him up in his campaign.

When does Pete Buttigieg have a birthday?

Every year on January 19, Pete Buttigieg celebrates his birthday with his family and friends.

Accounts on social media


Pete Buttigieg is his Twitter handle. There are 1.8 million people that follow him.


Pete Buttigieg is the name of his YouTube channel. He has 15.1k subscribers.


Pete Buttigieg is the name of his Facebook profile. He has 605k likes.


Mayor Pete speaks a variety of languages.

Pete, the mayor, is bilingual.

  1. English
  2. Norwegian

What is Pete Buttigieg’s marital status?

Pete met Chasten Glezman in 2015 via a dating app. Both of them married after three years. His spouse works as a teacher at a South Bend junior high school.

Buttigieg is a strange name.

The Maltese surname Buttigieg is derived from Sicilian Arabic. The meaning of Buttigieg’s name is “poulterer and poultry owner.”

When did Buttigieg announce his resignation as mayor?

On November 5, 2019, Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, will step down.

What are Pete Buttigieg’s parents’ names?

Joseph Buttigieg and Jennifer Anne Montgomery are Pete’s parents’ names. Both of them are pursuing a position as a university professor.

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