Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, was in his final conversation with his father, Prince Philip. The two exchanged their last words on the phone before Charles died of a heart attack at the age of 64.

Prince Charles’ final heartbreaking conversation with Prince Philip was in the months before his death. He said that he would like to see his son William and wife Camilla one last time, but he did not want to leave them.

Prince CharlesPrince Philip, the British royal family’s oldest member, died in April at the age of 99. Prior to his death, his son Charles, Prince of Wales, spoke with him at Windsor Castle, where he died surrounded by his loved ones.

What were the topics of conversation between Philip’s father and son while he lay dying? The specifics of that discussion have been disclosed by Charles, and we have the inside scoop for you. Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers, which airs on BBC One on Wednesday, revealed the story.

Prince Philip Had A Great Sense Of Humor, According To The Royal Family

The day before his father died, Prince Charles told the program that he talked with him about organizing the patriarch’s 100th birthday festivities. Philip was a straight-talking guy who was reportedly not looking forward to the fuss that would be made over him when he reached 100.

Charles said in the poignant interview that his father had mixed emotions about the day he would celebrate a century on this planet.

On April 8, he claims, he talked with the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor. He mentioned a celebration to commemorate his centennial in June at the time.

What Did Philip Think Of His 100th Birthday? Royal Family News – What Did Philip Think Of His 100th Birthday?

“We’re talking about your birthday,” Prince Charles informed his father. Knowing how his father felt about large festivities, he was wary about the subject. Because Philip was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly dea And whether or not there will be a reception!”

“Well, I’ve had to be alive for it, haven’t I?” Philip fired back.

“I knew you’d say that!” said Charles.

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Philip, the Prince of Wales, has died at the age of 99.

Philip’s witty remark encapsulated his keen wit, and it’s just one of many reminiscences that will be shown on BBC One on Wednesday night. The event, titled Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers, was initially intended as a birthday tribute but was modified into a memoriam following Philip’s death.

Philip’s four children and adult grandkids are included in the tribute. Family members are reported to be sharing their best recollections of the man who was married to Queen Elizabeth for 73 years before passing away on April 9th at the age of 99.

Prince William recalls being with Philip on the Balmoral estate when the elder stopped the vehicle to speak to a group of hikers in another amusing memory. “He stopped and rolled down his window and said, ‘Good morning,’” William remembered. ‘How are things going for you?’ “To which the tiniest little guy in the rear essentially replied, ‘Jog on Grandpa!’” “The kids of today!” Philip said as he rolled up the window again.

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