Several infrastructure projects, a solid economic foundation for the future, with more social activities through good governance in the administration closest to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), serve as a measure of performance.

Under the leadership of President John Dramani Mahame, the NDC has laid a strong national foundation that has improved accessibility in all regions of the country. In the energy sector, we were developing an infrastructure that effectively terminated Dumsor.

If Ghanaians now have uninterrupted electricity in their homes and businesses, it is thanks to the sensible and massive investments in the energy sector by the last NDC administration under President Mahama.

The NDC has had a positive influence on all aspects of the life of the Ghanaian people and its mandate should therefore be extended to return to the seat of government and make our beloved country, Ghana, a developed nation.

NDC in its election manifesto for 2020: The People’s Manifesto: Jobs and prosperity for everyone, for whom the feast of the 7th. In the elections on 1 December, the Commission underlined its commitment to eradicate extreme poverty.

We must protect all Ghanaians during the transition to a fully modern Ghana where the NDC will move the country. It is time to unite as a nation, to renew our journey to build Ghana’s future. It’s possible.

It is in this spirit that the next NDC government will be built – on social justice and equality. We will fight the disastrous consequences of the economic mismanagement of the Akufo-Addo government and change the economic model to reveal the creativity of every Ghanaian.

The NDC stated that the current government model has led to difficulties at the micro level over the past four years, a rapid rise in the cost of living, high unemployment, massive job losses and a generally harsh economic climate.

At the macro-economic level, the increase in public debt, the devaluation of the currency and the rise in inflation that surpasses the government’s unfortunate goal of building a nuclear power plant, the deterioration of the balance of payments and the current low economic growth are typical signs of an economy in deep crisis.

The NDC has enough experience to change this difficult economic situation and help the suffering masses in Ghana. This will include the introduction of sound macroeconomic policies based on good governance.

The NDC stated that public debt would be brought under control, inflation would be kept to a minimum, a low tax system would be introduced and inclusive growth would be reduced to a tangible level, while the business environment would become user-friendly again.

The long-lasting Ghanaian bear has been stabilized and strengthened. The private sector will receive the largest employment promotion programme in Ghana’s history. The financial sector is being rehabilitated and special attention is being paid to increasing the participation of the Ghanaian population in the country’s economy.

We will immediately put an end to the vindictive attacks and the collapse of indigenous companies and the consequent loss of jobs. Job creation will be the main task of the next NDC government to improve the living standards of our people as part of PA EDWOM’s One Million Jobs Plan.

The NDC stated that, on the basis of a thorough analysis of personnel shortages, young Ghanaians should be recruited on a large scale each year to a larger and more productive public sector.

In addition, we will launch the national curriculum, which will train technically qualified personnel for rapid industrialisation, job creation and entrepreneurship. NDC has already done this by ensuring the most stable and prosperous period of economic management, with the highest economic growth and the longest period of single-digit inflation.

The NDC will once again enable economic growth that will lead to the creation of infrastructure and sustainable jobs. Building on this record, we will usher in an era of shared prosperity in which all Ghanaians will reap the benefits of their labour, not the privileged who use public money for their exclusive benefit.

Ghana can no longer afford to do things the way they used to. The survival and success of present and future generations requires much more urgent and in some cases painful changes in established economic and social relationships.

NDC has said it wants to come back to prepare Ghana for the global changes that are taking place and we are ready to lead the country to open new horizons, give our people a new sense of purpose, make up for lost time and at the same time take measures to accelerate our growth.

The incoming NDC government is willing to build a knowledge economy to lead the country faster into the new world of intellectual production and digital services; this will not only ensure growth, but also prosperity for all Ghanaians.

Not only are we going to create jobs, but we are also going to create sustainable and decent jobs so that people can have a decent life. We therefore call on the Ghanaians to vote with an overwhelming majority for former President Mahama as president and we call on Professor Jane Naana Opoka Agyemang to vote for the first female vice president in the history of Ghana.

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