Sophia Choi is a famous American TV presenter, reporter, news anchor and journalist. She was born on the 5th. March 1971, born in South Korea. Later she moved to the United States at a very young age. She was admitted to elementary school in Hollywood, Maryland. After the death of her father, she went to a Baptist high school at the age of 12, forcing her to change schools and go to another school. After high school she went to the University of Missouri, Colombia, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Although she is a journalist, she loves pets, animals and cooking.

Details of Sofia Choi’s career

During her studies she started her career at university television (KOMU-TV). She has also hosted a university radio station (KBIA) twice.

Sophia Choi began her high-level career when she joined WSET-TV, an ABC subsidiary based in Lynchburg, Virginia.

She then left WSET-TV to join WVTM-TV, based in Birmingham, where she worked as a reporter and presenter.

She then moved on to KCBS-TV, where she also worked as a reporter and presenter and was promoted to a weekday morning television show.

In 2001 he joined CNN, where he reported extensively on the channel’s headlines. It also included a program for CNN and CNN International. During her time at CNN, she told a lot of stories. She talked about Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, its victims and its impact on the Gulf Coast. She also talked about Hurricane Wilma in Florida, which affected about 70,000 people. He was part of the team that gave more coverage to the storm and its impact on CNN. She also referred to the wars in Iraq and Afhagastani, which affected many people and led to loss of life and death.
In 2006 she left CNN and went on tour in China, mainly because of her ability to speak in collaboration with her former university (University of Missouri).

In 2007 she joined KVBC TV, a subsidiary of NBC. While at KVBC television, she was director of First News 3 at Four and News 3 at Six with Kendall Tenny until 2009. In 2010 she hosted First News 3 in 4 with Jeff Gillian and News 3 in 6 with Jim Synder as co-director. She also had a show called Crime Tracker Three Franchises, in which he recorded the daily criminal activities in Las Vegas. After a few months her contract was terminated and she was told that it would not be renewed, she left television.

She left KVBC-TV in 2010 and joined WSB-TV, based in Georgia, in 2011, where she normally hosts on Saturdays and Sundays and reports for a week.

Sophia Choi has been nominated for several awards: Emmy awards for the Dirty Download report on child trafficking and the National Press Association Award. She has been called the most balanced newsreader. During her work for WSB-TV she also received two awards in the field of electronic media.

Sophia Choi has also played the role of presenter in several films. It mainly occurs in primary flowers, the testator.

Sofia Choi Net expenses

His estimated salary as a journalist is $90 million. Their salary is between $78,000 and $112,000 a year.

Dating the history of Sophia Choi

She’s left her life alone when it comes to dating because she lets people see who she’s dating. She’s not married anymore.

Dating the history of Sophia Choi

There’s no way to tell if she has a boyfriend or not.

Sophia Choi is married?

Sophia Choi has never been married in her life. She’s also in the habit of keeping her life a secret from the public.

Sofia Choi parents

The information about her parents is not very good, except for her father who died when she was 12 years old.

Sofia Choi Children

Sophia Choi has no children, because she has never been married or adopted in her life.

Body measurements of Sophia Choi

Sophia Choi is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 58 kg.

Sophia Choi cars andhouse

We think she owns a house worth $15,000.

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