Taylor Hicks Net Worth | He is a famous American singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is well known for his country music. He is the winner of the CMA Entertainer of the year in 2018. His net worth is $60 million. He has earned his fame for his performances in the country music. He was born on April 13, 1979. His birth sign is Taurus.

Taylor Hicks Net Worth – Taylor Hicks is an American country music singer and winner of the fifth season of the American Idol. He has earned a net worth of $5 million.

Taylor Hicks, a country music singer, became a country music sensation after runner Dolly Parton invited him to sing on her song “I Will Always Love You” in 1999. He released his debut album, “Up on the Ridge” in 2000, and his single “Why Baby Why” went to the top of the charts. His second album, “I Told You So”, released in 2001, was also a success, and he received two Grammy nominations. In 2002 he won two Grammys, one for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and one for Best Country Album. His third album, “Ten”, was released in 2005, and he received two more Grammy nominations. He released his last album, “Wild Thing”, in 2008.

How much money does Taylor Hicks have?

Taylor Hicks has a $1 million net worth as an American singer, actor, and reality television participant. Hicks began his musical career while he was in his teens, but it wasn’t until he appeared on the reality TV program “American Idol” that he gained widespread fame. In 2006, he was able to release his debut album with a big record company as a result of this. He soon built a following of ardent admirers who adored his high-octane theatrical performances. He has performed in Broadway musicals such as “Grease” in addition to his recording career. He also went on to get a residency in a Las Vegas casino, making him the first Idol champion to do so. Hicks is also renowned for presenting “State Plate,” the first season of which he hosted.

Early Years

Taylor Reuben Hicks was born in Birmingham, Alabama on October 7th, 1976. Taylor moved to Hoover with his family when he was eight years old. At the age of 14, he developed his first grey hair. His parents split not long after that. Linda, Taylor’s stepmother, took involved in his upbringing. Hicks has said that one of the reasons he is drawn to soul and blues music is because of his tough upbringing. He also has a half-brother called Shawn who he grew up with. Taylor was persuaded to audition for “American Idol” by Shawn.

Hicks discovered he had a musical talent when he was a teenager. He quickly found he had perfect pitch, a unique talent that enabled him to generate musical tones without the need of reference tones. Taylor wrote his first song at the age of 18 and taught himself how to play the electric guitar and church organ. He participated in a variety of sports throughout his high school years.

Taylor attended Auburn University and performed in a Widespread Panic cover band after graduating from high school. During this period, he continued to play varsity sports while studying business and media. He also became a member of the band Passing Through.


Taylor Hicks pursued a variety of musical possibilities after graduating from university. He formed his own band and released an indie album called “In Your Time” in 1997. He moved to Nashville in the year 2000 to seek a professional music career. He recorded a three-track demo tape with renowned composers and vocalists, but no record company was interested in signing him. Taylor was forced to leave Nashville after a year due to a “oversaturation of the market,” and returned to Alabama to seek other possibilities.

He subsequently went on to play at a number of live venues, sharing the stage with well-known musicians. During this time, he became very well-known, even playing at the Talladega Superspeedway during a NASCAR weekend in 2004. “Under the Radar” was the title of the second album. After his appearance on “American Idol,” his high degree of success became a source of contention. The exhibition is aimed towards amateur painters. Hicks, on the other hand, was never offered a recording deal, thus he never legally broke the terms of the competition.

Taylor Hicks tried out for “American Idol” in Las Vegas in 2005. After his audition, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson showed excitement, while Simon Cowell seemed dissatisfied. Later, Cowell would acknowledge that he was mistaken about Hicks. Taylor made up to the final three competitors, which included Katharine McPhee and Elliott Yamin. Taylor was awarded the Key to the City by Birmingham’s mayor in honor of his accomplishments. He was also honored with a parade.

Hicks defeated McPhee to become the new champion of “American Idol” in 2006. At the age of 29, he was the oldest competitor to win the tournament. Soon after, a slew of brand endorsement and marketing possibilities arose. The record contract given to him by 19 Recordings Limited/Arista Records was the most significant. Simon Fuller was also his manager. Then he released “Do I Make You Proud,” his first song. Hicks then sued a Nashville producer for unauthorized distribution of his tunes.

Taylor also received a $750,000 book contract for his memoir, “Heart Full of Soul: An Inspirational Memoir About Finding Your Voice and Finding Your Way,” which was subsequently published under the title “Heart Full of Soul: An Inspirational Memoir About Finding Your Voice and Finding Your Way.” David Wild wrote it as a ghostwriter. In 2008, Hicks was also offered the chance to participate in the Broadway musical “Grease.”

Taylor Hicks Net Worth

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In 2006, Hicks published his self-titled first album, which became platinum afterwards. However, Taylor’s first album was the lowest-selling of any American Idol winner, and Arista quickly dismissed her from their list. He immediately secured a distribution agreement and published “Early Works,” a compilation CD, while continuing to tour with “Grease.”

“The Distance,” Hicks’ second album, was released in 2009. Taylor was ranked one of the top-earning “American Idol” performers despite his poor record sales. This was mainly due to the success of his albums and his part in “Grease.” He also established a restaurant in Birmingham, which was well-received. He landed a one-year residency at Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas in 2012. Later, he relocated to a bigger arena in Las Vegas. He also appeared on the dating program “The Choice” and performed at the Republican National Convention at this time.

His second album was followed by a period of inactivity in terms of recording. After an eight-year hiatus, he returned in 2017 with the song “Six Strings and Diamond Rings.” Taylor has pursued other musical theater possibilities, landing the lead part in a 2019 production of “Shenandoah.”

Taylor Hicks is a former American singer and the winner of the sixth season of American Idol. He is widely known for singing country music, and is also renowned for his high-pitched singing voice. He is also a part of the country music duo Hicksville, which consists of two other members. He has also hosted his own television show and has released six studio albums.. Read more about david cook net worth and let us know what you think.

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What is Taylor Hicks doing now?

Taylor Hicks is a singer and songwriter.


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How old is Taylor Hicks?

Taylor Hicks was born on September 8, 1971.

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