For the last decade, boarding schools have been a proud tradition at Oxbridge. Instead of travelling all the way to their final destination from home, students are sent to live away from home, studying and learning to become better people. But which of these top-notch institutions is the best UK boarding school, and which is no good at all?

Find out what boarding schools are like and how they can help you achieve your dreams.

Take care of your child’s future and find the best boarding school for your child.

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A boarding school, unlike a day school, educates students who live on campus. However, boarding schools are very expensive. We understand how important it is to find the best school for your child. There are two types of schools: mixed schools and single-sex schools.

When choosing a place to study, the ranking of an institution is crucial. The quality of a school’s teaching and learning environment can often be judged by past student performance.

Are you looking for a place for your child and want help? We have compiled a list of the top 10 boarding schools in the UK.

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Westminster School

Westminster School is one of the UK’s leading academic schools and the only former London school still standing on its original site. The school accepts mixed gender students between the ages of 13 and 18 and offers them the opportunity to study and be accommodated on a full-time basis. The number of students at Westminster is 760, of which 190 are boarders.

Students are expected to go home for the weekend until they reach sixth grade. Although most Westminster students are full-time students. The school also admits female students in Year 6 and says this, along with its co-educational boarding strategy, offers the best of both worlds.

The boarding fee at Westminster School is £41,607. Westminster School GCSE results for 2019: 90.9% of all grades were A, 9 or 8 and 98.6% received an A/7 or above. Of the 1,292 grades, only 18 were with a B or below. 76 students achieved ten or more A grades or equivalent, with 58 students achieving full A*, 8 or 9.

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Wycombe Abbey School

Wycombe Abbey is a boarding and day school situated on 170 acres of land in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. Academically, it is consistently ranked among the top institutions for girls. The school only accepts female students between the ages of 11 and 18. Students can take advantage of full-time education and retirement. Wycombe Abbey has 650 pupils and 520 pupils are in boarding school.

The boarding fee at Wycombe Abbey is £30,270. GCSE and A level results for 2019/2020 were excellent with 90.32% of exams being graded A* (8/9) and 98.7% being graded A A (7/8/9). At A level, 48.9% of grades were A and 90.2% of results were A*-A.

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St Paul’s School – London

St Paul’s School, founded in 1509 by John Collet and set in 10 acres of parkland on the banks of the Thames in Barnes, London, is a selective independent school. According to the Clarendon Commission of 1861, St Paul’s was one of the first nine British Clarendon public schools. The school is for boys between the ages of 7 and 18 and offers students the opportunity to study full time or go to boarding school. The number of pupils at St Paul’s School is 1,271 and 33 pupils are in boarding school.

The cost of boarding at St Paul’s School is £38,991. By 2020, 70% of GCSE grades achieved a grade 9 and 92% achieved a grade 8 or 9.

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St Mary’s School – Ascot

St Mary’s School is an independent Roman Catholic school situated on 55 acres in the heart of Berkshire. The school caters for girls aged 11 to 18 and offers students the opportunity to study full time and use boarding school facilities. The number of students attending Westminster is 386.

The cost of boarding at St Mary’s School is £40,740. Baccalaureate results by summer 2020. Our sixth formers achieved 51% A and 87% A-A grades. We are also pleased to announce the I/GCSE results for Year 11 girls. They achieved 66% 9 grades, 89% 9-8 grades and 98% 9-7 grades.

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Brighton College

Located on a coastal campus with a mix of historic and modern buildings, this 175-year-old public school with British curriculum is known for innovative measures such as gender-neutral school uniforms, several boarding schools and a plastic-free campus. The school caters for mixed-gender pupils aged 11 to 18 and offers them the opportunity to study full time and benefit from boarding school facilities. The number of students in Westminster is 1,088.

The boarding fee at Brighton College is £50,880. Brighton College was recently ranked third in the UK for academic achievement by the Sunday Times. GCSE grade 9 was again the most common at Brighton, with 96% of all grades 9-7/A-A. At A level, an exceptionally high 99% were achieved with A-B.

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Eton College

Eaton College, sometimes called Eton, is located near Windsor in Berkshire, England. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. The college has 1,315 students between the ages of 13 and 18 in an all-male school environment.

Nineteen British Prime Ministers have attended the school and it has long been associated with the country’s political and social elite. Eton College is a school that is considered the benchmark for private schools worldwide. The number of students attending Eaton is 1,314.

The cost of a boarding school in Eton is £48,501. By 2020, 96.5% of Eton College pupils will achieve grades 7-9 (A/A) in GCSE examinations. In the same year, the college achieved 80.8% A/A results in A-level examinations.

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Tonbridge School

Tonbridge School is situated on 150 acres of land on the edge of Kent. The school is one of the top ten state schools in the UK for all boys aged 13-18, with full-time and boarding school facilities. Tonbridge is consistently in the top five schools in the UK in academic rankings. More than 33 countries are represented at the school; 60% of the board is made up of boys and about 80 students come from abroad. The number of students in Tonbridge is 800.

The boarding fee in Tonbridge is £44,835 per annum. 95% of all GCSE results received nines, eighths and sevenths, equivalent to an A* or an A. 79% of all results received nines and eighths, equivalent to an A; and exactly half of all grades received a 9. 22 boys achieved nines/As; a further 60 boys achieved nines/8s/A*s. The pass rate for the exam was 100%.

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Cheltenham Women’s College

Cheltenham Ladies’ College is an independent boarding and day school in Gloucestershire, England. For more than 160 years, the college has been at the forefront of girls’ education. The school was founded in 1853 to give girls a good intellectual education, and is consistently recognized as one of the best girls’ schools in the country. The school only accepts girls between the ages of 11 and 18 and students can choose between day school and boarding school. The number of pupils attending Cheltenham Ladies is 850.

Tuition fees at Cheltenham Ladies’ College are £39,780 per year. In 2020, A-level results were 51.8%, A-A. GCSE results are A-A, 97.2%.

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Sevenoaks School

Sevenoaks School is an independent, co-educational school in Kent. The school is recognised as an independent international school in England due to its attendance, curriculum and prospects. Students from more than 40 countries participate. In 1978, it became the first major independent institution to adopt the International Baccalaureate program. The school accepts mixed-sex students ages 11 to 18 and offers full-time or boarding education. The number of students attending Sevenoaks is 1,020.

The boarding fee at Sevenoaks is £39,960 per annum. 94.9% of all examinations were graded A/A* or 9/8/7. 27 pupils achieved 11 or 12 A/A +9/8/7 marks and 106 pupils achieved 10 A/A +9/8/7 marks.

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Winchester College

Winchester College, based in Winchester, Hampshire, is an independent boarding school. It is the oldest of the nine English public schools in the Clarendon Commission, seven of which were regulated by the Public Schools Act of 1868. Winchester College will admit female students to sixth form for the first time in 2022, and to boarding school in 2024. The school is for boys aged 13 to 18 and offers students the option of boarding alone. The number of students attending Winchester is 694.

The cost of boarding school in Winchester is £43,335 a year. The exam results for 2019 are 81.51% for A Levels A and A* and 86.95% for GCSE A and A*.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 schools in the UK?

The top 10 schools in the UK are: 1. Oxford University 2. Cambridge University 3. Imperial College London 4. University of Edinburgh 5. King’s College London 6. Durham University 7. UCL (University College London) 8. St Andrews University 9. LSE (London School of Economics) 10. Manchester Metropolitan University What are the top 10 universities in the UK? The top 10 universities in the UK are: 1. Oxford University 2. Cambridge University 3. Imperial College London 4. King’s College London 5. UCL (University College London) 6. Durham University 7. LSE (London School of Economics) 8. Manchester Metropolitan University 9. St Andrews University 10th-placed: The Open University

What are the top 10 secondary schools in the UK?

The top 10 secondary schools in the UK are: 1. The King’s School, Chester 2. St Paul’s School, London 3. Westminster School, London 4. Eton College, Windsor 5. Winchester College 6. Harrow School 7. Rugby School 8. Charterhouse School 9. Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ and Girls’ Schools (Northwood) 10. St John’s College, Leatherhead

What is the most expensive boarding school in UK?

The most expensive boarding school in UK is Eton College.

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