Bold and Beautiful; Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) On Thursday, the 29th day of the week, the day after October 2020, Forrester Creations opens with the exhibition Bold and Beautiful, in which Finn Finnegan (Tanner Nowlan) switches to medical mode when he notices that Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) seems to be out of the running. Thomas apologizes for having a lot on his mind. He won’t say his talking doll, Hope, is bothering him. Thomas refuses to help Finn.

Finn pushes Thomas and says Hope still has feelings for him. He’s surprised Hope would say something like that, because she’s married to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Thomas is tormented by the voice of a doll in his head, who says she prefers him to Liam. This is the second time Thomas has moved in with Finn. Finn asks if he feels dizzy or lightheaded. Thomas is unloading. He hasn’t eaten or slept, it’s as simple as that. Finn knows there’s something wrong with Thomas.

Brave and beautiful Spoilers – Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan Cat

In Cliff House Steffie Forrester (Jacqueline Masinne Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noel) talk politely after Liam runs away to Spencer Publications. I hope they thank her for spending so much time with Kelly Spencer. Steffy appreciates that Hope took care of Kelly during Steffy’s treatment. Hope is bugging Steffy about her new relationship with Dr. Finn. Steffy’s tense, but he admits he’s spending time with Finn.

Hope and Steffi hope Liam and Finn get along. Steffy wants them all to function as a mixed and supportive family. Steffy doesn’t understand Liam’s worried about Thomas. According to Hope, Thomas has been a professional in the office and has not caused any custody problems for her son. Hope thinks Thomas is in control and on the right track. Steffy’s glad Thomas is no longer obsessed with hope.

Finn’s bringing flowers to Steffy and Kelly. He missed Steffy and he couldn’t even get through the day. Steffy says Liam loves Finn. Finn’s surprised Steffy’s nemesis Hope is his number one fan. Hope is happy Steffy’s having a serious relationship. Finn doesn’t regret telling Steffi he loves her.

B&B spoiler – Steffy Forrester’s high expectations

Fin says he met Thomas, who is also supportive and happy for her. Finn gives Steffy high hopes for his brother. Finn says Thomas still thinks he has a chance with Hope. He says Thomas escaped when they talked about hope. He implied Hope wanted to be with Thomas, not Liam.

Nice, daring spoilers: Liam Right All the Time, Crazy Thomas Snaps

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Back at Forrester, Thomas does his best to be alert and concentrate on his projects at work. He’s looking at the cover of Hope and Dreams magazine. He’s obsessed with fake ads that show she needs him as much as he does. True Hope interrupts him to ask for help and wonders if he’s okay. She promises she’ll continue to take care of him.

As Hope talks about her plans, Thomas hears the model’s voice. He watches Hope when the doll says she wants him.

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