When a famous person goes completely off the rails, they usually don’t say anything to their fans for a while. But the recent apology that Chrissy Teigen made for her insensitive comments about her husband’s 6-year-old daughter has created an uproar in the online community because of how brazen and insensitive Teigen’s comments were.

In a recent interview, the Glamour model and mother of two, revealed that she had chosen to opt for a non-surgical, plastic surgery-free body.

Chrissy Teigen is back! But she didn’t just come back, she apologized profusely for her past mistakes and her bad and rude behavior when trolling celebrities when they don’t behave the way she expects them to. Among other things, she advised Courtney Stodden, then a teenager who went viral for marrying a 51-year-old actor at age 16, to end her life in private messages and in her public statements. word-image-10284 Farah Abraham, Quenjane Wallis, Lindsay Lohan and former President of the United States Trump are just some of the celebrities who have had to put up with Teigen’s witty remarks. With her accessibility, regular celebrity status and sexy looks, who dares to take on her?

Chrissy Teigen talks about being a troll

This may not be the last case of trolling by the infamous Chrissy Teigen, and she may chalk it up as comments from a bygone era, but it clearly hurt someone’s feelings then and still does now. In 2020, Courtney Stodden, 26, divorced her husband of more than nine years, Doug Hutchison, after publicly admitting at the time that she had been used and manipulated. But as children who, by their own admission, should not have been in that situation, they felt worse than celebrities who were publicly ridiculed. During his very public marriage, Stodden was the punching bag of the world, and anyone who had anything sarcastic to say said it about him. After declaring themselves non-binary in 2021, they spoke out in an interview condemning Chrissy Teigen, 35, and other celebrities for being rude and boorish to her. The public quickly became enraged: How dare Teigen advise a teenage girl to commit suicide, repeatedly. Chrissy Teigen is known for her vulnerability on Twitter, the social network where her epic rise to fame took place. She has even said that people who comment sarcastically on her hurt her feelings, so it seems unfair that the only behavior that bit her little Asian girl in the back was her obsession with internet trolling. Days after Stodden publicly revealed that Teigen once said: I can’t wait for you to die, Teigen apologized on Twitter, writing: I am ashamed and sad about who I once was. I was an insecure, attention-seeking troll. Stodden responded to Teigen’s open apology on Instagram by saying: I accept his apology and forgive him. But the truth remains the same, I never heard her or her camp speak privately. Teigen remained silent for a few days, but suddenly came out with a lengthy apology on Monday. She apologized to her victims and everyone else for her past mistakes (and there were many) and promised that not only was she better now, but that she would be better in the days to come. She praised the therapy because it helped her recognize the behaviors that lead to trolling and made her a more positive person on a daily basis.

Chrissy was insecure, but now she is more empathetic

While Chrissy Teigen can’t repay the pain she caused with her jokes, at best she can apologize to those people and become a better person by moving on. Well, she did one of those things, while promising to work even harder on the other. Hey, guys. The past few weeks have been very humiliating, she began her letter of apology. I know I’ve been quiet, and God knows you don’t want to hear from me, but I want you to know that I’m in the pit of deserved global punishment, the ultimate here, thinking about what you’ve done. There is not a day, not a moment, that I have not felt the crushing weight of regret over what I have said in the past. She spoke of a truly shocking situation when her tweets and comments about past bullying were discovered: When I look at them and realize how much pain they have caused, I have to stop and think: How could I? Jessica Biel applaudshttp://t.co/kDNuHIj9uv – SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 15. June 2021 She promised to contact the people she had offended in the past and make it up to them. There’s just no excuse for my past terrible tweets. They don’t deserve my goals. Nobody knows. Many of them needed compassion, kindness, understanding and support, not my pettiness disguised as casual, witty humor. I was a troll, period. And I’m sorry. I want to go one step further and think about the people I’ve hurt and the friends I’ve let down, she added. When I first started using social media, I really enjoyed it. I had fun and made random comments. Think of all the engineers working day and night on this amazing new platform and technology that connects people around the world to learn, create and find kindred spirits. And I used it to tease a few celebrities. She attributes her immaturity and insecurity to past bullying, but adds that life has taught her to be empathetic. She asked for patience as she continued to grow, but not forgiveness. She concluded her long apology by thanking everyone who had listened to her story. Her husband John Ledgend responded to the post with four red heart emoji. Stay tuned for more celebrity news and Chrissy Teigen.

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