The “most expensive shoes ever sold” is a list of the top 20 most expensive shoes in the world. The list includes some of the best and most expensive shoes that have been sold throughout history.

The list of the top 20 most expensive shoes in the world for 2021 includes a variety of styles and brands. Some are classic, while others have been made recently to cater to trends set by celebrities like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West.

Shoes are the most important and best-dressed item. We believe that shoes are important in both men’s and women’s attire. So we’re incorrect, since good-looking shoes enhance both men’s and women’s personalities. We reviewed the World’s Most Expensive Shoes since it is the greatest option for both men and women. 

So today we’ll talk about the world’s top 20 most costly sneakers. The appearance is an important factor in shoes that both men and women must consider when purchasing a pair of shoes since the best appearance of everything must appeal to everyone. As a result, while choosing shoes, consider the rate or price.  

Furthermore, if your shoes draw attention, your personality attracts attention as well. Similarly, the price of a shoe is determined by its appearance. The best-looking shoe raises the demand for the expense of footwear. 

The second factor, on the other hand, is the interior or material, which has little impact on demand and pricing. Because if the appearance and inside of your shoe are appropriate, then your shoe is appropriate for certain individuals.

As a result, affluent families always choose shoes from the world’s top 20 most costly shoes. As a result, people begin their search for costly shoes by visiting leading websites or shopping malls. 

1. $17 million Passion Diamond Shoes


This shoe, which costs USD 17 million, is the most expensive pair of shoes in the world. And this pricey sneaker debuted in the United Arab Emirates in October 2018.

If we want to talk about how it was created, we should know that these opulent shoes are composed of diamonds and gold. The whole development and design process took nine months. 

Perhaps this pricey pair of shoes made just for women. Girls often like to wear these kind of shoes to gatherings. It also has great and stunning interior materials. On the same note, it has a design that includes several hundred diamonds for added appeal.

Debbie Wingham High Heels has a net worth of $15.1 million.


It is the world’s second most expensive pair of shoes, with a market value of $ 15.1 million. Debbie Wingham High Heel creates a one-of-a-kind design for each client. It is likewise made up entirely of females.

Now we’ll talk about how it was made. So, these leather shoes are composed of 24 carat gold with rare pink, blue, and white diamonds, according to the manufacturer. It’s also hand-sewn with genuine gold thread. 

Its overall cost, on the other hand, is $15 million. Furthermore, its appearance and interior materials are also outstanding, which adds to its popularity. 

3. $3 Million+ Harry Winston Ruby Slippers


The Harry Winston Ruby Slippers are the world’s third most costly pair of shoes. And it’ll set you back more than $3 million. In 1989, Ronald Winston, the son of renowned jeweller designer Harry Winston, presented the Ruby Slippers as a gift to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company.

The development of this one-of-a-kind pattern for these pricey ruby slippers took up to two months. Fortunately, this one-of-a-kind pair of shoes was created with a red ruby since most ladies like the color red for various occasions. In comparison to its inside, its outside appearance is superior and attractive. 

Stuart Weitzman is number four. $3 Million Rita Hayworth Heels


Stuart Weitzman is a well-known fashion designer. Rita Hayworth heels are the world’s fourth most costly girl’s shoes. That was created especially for an American actress and dancer. The chocolate brown shoes have the appearance of a lovely blossom. The entire cost of the cooling system is $3 million. 

Its attractive chocolate brown bloom boosts demand, and its appearance is appealing. Because it is neither flamboyant or colorful, this lovely shoe stands out from the crowd.

As a result, it is ideal for American actresses who perform in a variety of roles. The inside, on the other hand, is constructed of a robust material that will not break in any circumstance. 

Cinderella Slippers by Stuart Weitzman – $2 Million


Alison Krause, a country singer, was the first to wear Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers in 2004. This pair of high-end shoes is constructed of the finest Italian leather. 565 Kwiat diamonds were used in the ankle and toe straps.

As a result, it has a very striking and attractive appearance, which draws customers due to its Italian leather. It also has a 5-carat diamond in its right slippers. 

Similarly, it makes the Italian leather inside of its shoe cable suitable for usage in every season or location. Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers are constructed of basic fairy tale materials.

6- $4,510 Aubercy Diamond Shoes

1631666538_287_Top-20-Most-Expensive-Shoes-In-The-World-2021-PremiumEverybody wants to live in luxury and enjoy life as soon as possible. Aubercy Diamond Shoes is now a part of our opulent lifestyle.

It was known in the industry for producing high-quality, sumptuous sows with a simple and elegant design. Aubercy is also known as a business shoe, since it was designed specifically for high-class individuals.

This season’s version of the show is delightful. It was only available in limited quantities, yet it was a huge hit. In addition, the business creates a new pair with a distinctive style.

This shoe is very comfy to wear and walk in. Aubrey incorporated all of the finest characteristics found in the products of those other shoes into the luxury shoe. However, this shoe product is well-known for its basic but striking appearance. 

This business wants to create a new show for ladies. The luxury show is extremely pleasant, particularly for males. Many of the shoes are gleaming, but they are neither comfortable or easy to walk in.

However, the Diamond show is best enjoyed while strolling. It’s easy to put on, and Dimond’s show is renowned for its sparkling shoes. As a result, this program is appropriate for both men and women. 

$10,000 Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu Men’s Shoes


Louis Vuitton is one of the most luxury shoe companies, and both men and women found it extremely comfortable. The Vuitton show is going to be amazing.

Everyone stated that his price, which is about ten thousand dollars, is exorbitant, but other people think that this shoe’s pricing is ideal. Because this shoe belongs to the category of high-end footwear.  

The shoe is made by the business, and it is made with the finest lather and unique materials. It was also designed specifically for men and women; they walk and run with ease. As a result, it’s made of the best-waxed alligator leather. This shoe quality applies to the whole shoe industry.

Other important characteristics of a shoe brand. When it comes to shoe quality, it’s all about the design and the gorgeous black stitching. 

Even the bottoms of the shoes are amazing, and they were very comfy. It also has a lather-covered, hand-painted heel. A Ruthenium-finish LV cube is also attached to the shoe heel. So it’s a beautiful brand that’s known as a branded sneaker. 

8-$26,000 Nike Air Mag Back to the Future 2016


Every shoe is wonderful, but this one is really exquisite. However, the sneaker is very costly, with an actual cost of $26,000. It seems to be a Nike design, according to the Kick game.

In the back of the future film, he is dressed by Marty McFly. Nike designed almost 89 pairs of shoes in 2016, and all of them were raffled off for $10 per ticket. Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Research Foundation raffled off this sneaker. 

Walking is the most important aspect of a shoe. Similarly, the most unique element of the sneaker is the glowing LED panels. It shines for 5 hours on the built-in battery, however after 3000 hours, the battery must be replaced.

These are the greatest shows in the globe, as well as the first rechargeable shoes. When shoes arrive from the market, they are packaged in a case with an anti-gravity magnetic casing, a battery charger, and other items. 

$30,000 for 9-Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes


In the year 1929. Amedeo Testoni establishes the first workshop, and he decides that one of his dreams/aspiration is to enhance the world’s shoe quality.

Similarly, he emphasizes design quality and employs traditional Bolognese shoemaking methods.

As a result, his shoe brand is well-known across the globe. Similarly, the majority of businesses adopted this design, although they did not make it flawless.

The business creates shoes and enhances traditional skills; they are always innovating and designing new shoes. When you wear a well-known brand, you can relax.

In addition, the business utilizes lather and soft materials in its shoes since they are ideal for men, women, and children’s skin. These are necessary items. This shoe was created with comfort in mind. Because everyone, even children, is constantly utilizing. It was very light. 

$38,000 for a pair of 10-Testoni shoes

1631666541_540_Top-20-Most-Expensive-Shoes-In-The-World-2021-PremiumThe shoes are made by Testoni, a well-known shoe company. It is a shoe pair designed by a lovely shoemaker shop. According to Lyst, this brand’s sneaker is “flawlessly constructed.”

Testoni is composed of the most exquisite exotic alligator leather and has a very good appearance. Because it couldn’t work on gold, the boot had gold and diamond buckles.

Testoni is a brand that caters to children, women, and, most importantly, men. Because it shields your feet from the dangers of the outside world. Testoni is now wonderfully designed for your foot.

When you wear them, you feel better and can walk more easily. Testoni shoes are designed to cope with hot, cold, or hazardous weather situations by covering your foot and protecting it from the elements. 

11-Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Max from So Cal – $50,000


Nike launched the amazing sneaker linked with inner-city youth in 1982. Nike shoes are fashionable, and they are both collector’s goods and cultural statements.

It was trendy at the time and was best suited for lifestyle and fashion. In the early years, Nike introduced 1700 color variants, as well as a variety of other shoe styles. 

Nike Air is a high-end sneaker, and it created a unique pair. He also collaborated with Atlanta shoe boutique Laced Up and Jeweler to produce the finest pair of sneakers. This shoe brand is also worn by an Atlanta rapper.

In America, the Nike brand is now fashionable, and many people like it. Similarly, it is a pure substance composed of unique materials, brilliant neon, and contemporary reflecting.

This material demonstrates that this shoe is both costly and comfy. The shoe is constructed of quality leather and has vivid green laces, which add to the shoe’s appearance. 

12-$60,000 Air Jordan Silver Shoes


AIR Jordan is a stylish shoe that is also known as a sneaker. Which shoe brand was the world’s best-rated and best-selling product when it was first launched in 1985? The Air Jordan sneaker pair is one-of-a-kind and amazing since it looks great.

Sole Collector also spoke about the Air Kordan shoe brand, how significant it is, and why we utilize it in Nike’s history. 

Because it was extremely comfortable and simple to wear, this shoe brand became indispensable in our lives. Micheal Jordan has now signed and dressed this sneaker.

Also, this product weighs approximately 10 pounds, and this shoe is constructed of sterling silver, which is a unique feature. As a result, it’s simple to use and stroll pleasantly. 

$160,000 for 13-Nizam Sikandar Jah’s shoes


The Nizam Shoe is a genuine museum item; yet, when you wear it, you do not dance about in it. This is a custom-made shoe, as well as an antique pair of golden slippers.

Similarly, this shoe was made for Nizam Skandar Jah, an eighteenth-century Indian monarch. So when Nizam died, these shoes arrived with the throne of the new monarch. 

He puts a lot of effort into his shoes since he creates them with gold embroidery and rubies. Diamonds, emeralds, and other jewels are also very important to the shoe.

That is why this shoe is so expensive. His royal family and an eighteenth-century Indian monarch were represented by this shoe brand.

This shoe was taken from the museum in August 2006, but it was discovered a few months later in a neighboring church. As a result, this slipper is very well-known across the globe. 

Charity Pumps by Kathryn Wilson (#14) – $400,000


Kathryn has also worn an opulent shoe that completely covered the Diamonds 21.18 carets. Wilson designed this sneaker with a focus on tradition and culture in mind.

It’s now being created for a charity auction benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. Which had a very expensive shoe since he covered the diamonds.

It was a bespoke shoe, and every wealthy lady in the world wears it to cultural events.

May peoples are now known as the Dimond Shoe, and according to Vogue, Wilson works very hard to place the diamonds on the shoe.

When Wilson organizes rocks, he spends fifty hours arranging the uncut diamonds on the shoe on a regular basis.

Similarly, this shoe brand is popular in our society since it is comfy and painless. This is the shoe that all princes select, despite the fact that it is costly and only the wealthiest individuals can buy it. 

$500,000 15-Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos


The Dimond shoe is amazing, and it is the finest for walking. These shoes are used by many princes during banquets and cultural events. Its design debuted in 2007 for Dreamgirls actress Anika Noni.

This shoe is very expensive, with a net value of almost 500,000 dollars due to the roughly 1420 diamonds placed on it. For other shoe companies, this brand shoe is one of the finest. 

Many diamonds and a platinum ring have now crossed on the shoe. Ladies, it was diamond around the circle’s footwear. Also, go through the full list and make sure you’ve answered all of your questions. 

If you wear this shoe, you will agree that it is the finest for women’ shoes. People also want to know how Stuff works up the shoe correctly.

He said that Marilyn Monroe once walked out of a dream because diamond is the girl’s closest friend.  

$1 Million for a pair of 16 Stuart Weitzman “Marilyn Monroe” shoes.


Stuart Weitzman, a specialist in the creation of amazing footwear, designed the Marilyn Monroe shoe.

This business creates branded and cool-looking shoes at exorbitant rates. Because the shoe is the most similar to the shoes of other brands.

It has a net value of around $1 million, yet it is pleasant and simple to operate. 

The shoe was composed of glossy silk flowers and dazzling Swarovski rhinestones were affixed to the center of the shoe.

Despite the fact that it is made of Swarovski crystal, the business associates the shoe with Marilyn Monroe. Since every movie heroine wears this shoe in the movies.

Regina King donned Marilyn Monroe’s shoes in 2005. As a result, it was a stunning design.  

$1.09 million for 17-Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos


Stuart Weitzman is a great shoe designer who is also renowned for his diamond display. Which is made entirely of white diamonds. Many people refer to these shoes as luxury.

The Stuart Weitzman shoe is the epitome of wearability, and every royal wears it. Its prices are now very high. This shoe style is nearly as comfy as it is fashionable.

It’s also constructed of platinum cloth with a set of white diamonds. The 464 dazzling diamonds on the shoe are placed by jeweler Kwiat.

All diamonds are readily detachable and come in a variety of shapes, including round and pear. Now, the price of this shoe brand is about one million dollars, and it was worn by Mulholland Drive actress Laura Harring in the events.

As a result, it’s a shoe that’s included in luxury and certain people’s preferences. Many of the world’s richest individuals can buy this shoe. However, the design is really beautiful, and walking is very comfortable. 

Stuart Weitzman, age 18 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz $1.6 Million Ruby Stilettos


Stuart Weitzman created a stunning design for women’s shoes. Women who wear this shoe feel very attractive.

It was created with the intention of making ladies feel wonderful. This slipper is worn by many ladies and they look stunning. Many individuals have now stated that these slippers are costly. Many Burmese rubies were placed on the shoe, according to the Wizard. 

As a result, its prices are extremely high, despite the fact that it has a beautiful design and a net value of 1.6 million dollars. The shoe comes with a cherry red footbed and a red stain top.

Also attached to the shoe are 642 Burma Rubies, which are extremely beautiful. This shoe, which had an outstanding design, was exhibited at Harrod’s London in 2003. Many of the world’s richest individuals also purchase and wear this shoe. 

Jason Arasheben’s 19-Tom Ford Custom is valued at $2 million.


The om Ford Loafers are a beautiful design with a high price tag but excellent walking performance. When this shoe is completed, Wild n Out and America’s Got Talent are contacted for a commission because he wants to create his own design.

Its pair has now become very tough since many people’s wishes for this shoe design are incorrect. This shoe was created by Jason Arasheben, who is well-known throughout the globe. 

Jason designed this shoe, which was embellished with diamonds and other precious stones. This shoe is nearly entirely composed of 340 carats of round cut diamonds set in gold.

As a result, his net worth is believed to be $2 million. Tom Ford is the most costly and luxury sneaker in the world, according to Vibe magazine in 2014. Later on, he created a number of flamboyant designs that were well-received in the marketplace. 

$2 Million Tanzanite Heels by 20-Stuart Weitzman


Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels have additional added features due to their stunning appearance. It’s composed of 185 carats of exquisite blue-purple tanzanites, no less.

In addition, almost 28 carats of diamonds were used on the shoe. Eddie LeVian, a jewelry designer, created this design in 2006. This style is a popular brand throughout the globe, and it’s also made of silver leather with platinum heels, and it’s worth $2 million. 

In the same way, many jewelers equate shoes to royal jewelry. Because 16-carat pear-shaped tanzanite dangles from the white diamond-encrusted ankle strap of the footwear.

A pear-shaped shoe that was developed in 2007. Similarly, in 2007, The Tanzanite Heels was made available to the public at the New York Public Library. Furthermore, the crowd takes up the shoe and admires it since it resembles a regal jewelry.  


That wonderful and lovely thing came to an end since it was the reign over the whole globe. The analogy now is with our high guidance on the world’s most costly shoes.

We’re describing the characteristics listed above in the post, as well as our team’s efforts in guiding comprehensive shoe evaluations. As a result, you may read the evaluations and appreciate the most costly sneaker. You make the decision as to the kind of footwear you deserve. 

Many shoe brands are accessible across the globe, yet they are all distinct from one another. All of the directions for the 20 most costly shoes are given by me. So your primary task is to read the post and if you like it, please let us know by leaving a comment on the site.

You also share it with your other friends and likes. Because we are always improving our efforts and giving every costly goods a second chance. Thank you for taking the time to read and appreciate the greatest sneaker in the world. 

The “most expensive nike shoes” are some of the most expensive shoes in the world. The list is made up of Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force 1, and Nike Air Jordan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most expensive shoes in the world in 2021?

A: The most expensive shoes in the world as of 2021 are expected to be Louboutin’s $4,995 Manolo Blahnik heels.

Which shoe is the most expensive in the world?

A: The most expensive shoe in the world is a $4.2 million white gold and diamond pair of Christian Louboutins created for Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wests wedding ceremony

What are the 10 most expensive shoes?

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