In April, Tyrone turned to the stars for help. With a heavy heart, he asked the public to pray for his son, who now faces a long road to recovery.

The death of his brother, Tyrone, hit Tyrone Fenton hard. The post-mortem details were tragic. His brother, Tyrone, died in a tragic car accident, but Tyrone didn’t die alone. He was surrounded by family and friends, including Tyrone’s youngest daughter, Tyra who was driving that night. Tyrone, however, was not running from his past. The truth about his brother’s involvement in a gang was finally revealed to the public in a controversial press conference last week where Tyrone’s wife, Tameka, and Tyra spoke publicly about the details of the accident.

During the first week of March, Tyrone Jones was found dead at the age of 74 in his Surrey home, having died of a heart attack. His wife, Fay, had been searching for him for days, in the house he shared with her and their two sons. On the day he died, he was supposed to visit a heart specialist. Tyrone, who had a history of health problems, may have suffered a heart attack due to longstanding high blood pressure.

Coronation StreetSpoilers reveal that Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) hears of the death of Kirsty Soames (Natalie Gumede). She died of an aneurysm and Ty was not informed for some time. When he hears the news, he doesn’t trust Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojniku). Instead, he turns to Fiz Stape (Jenny McElpine). Could they be on their way to reconciliation?

Death of Kirstie Soames

Corrie spoilers reveal that Kirsty was a character who featured in the ITV series from 2011 to 2013. Even though we haven’t seen her for years, she’s supposed to be dying. According to Digital Spy, this is happening behind the scenes, and Tyrone is finally getting the news. This woman is the biological mother of Ruby Dobbs (Macy Alabi). She abused Ty and was a victim of abuse herself, which was a big deal at the time.

SpoilerCorrie: Tyrone Dobbs Shock

Ty is visited by the police, who inform him of Kirsty’s death. She was found with an aneurysm in her apartment. Even if it is domestic violence, it is a shock to Ty. The police explain that Kirsty’s mother is dead and they can’t find her father. They ask Tyrone to put Kirsty’s affairs in order. Ty will also have to grapple with the history between him and Kirsty, and find a way to explain his wife’s death to young Ruby.

Guardianship of Fiz Stape

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Fiz and Ty are no longer together. He now lives with Alina, and fans are expressing their feelings about it pretty harshly. They are fighting for custody and access to their children. Lawyers and legal documents almost got in the way, but Evelyn Plummer (Dame Maureen Lipman) took care of the damage. She reminded Fiz and Ty that no one wins when parents are at war. In fact, it is the children who ultimately suffer the most.

Despite their volatile breakup, Ty goes to Fiz to talk about Kirstie’s death. That says a lot.

Coronation Street Spoiler: Sean realises something after the awful incident with Carol @soapoperaspy #CoronationStreet #BBC

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SpoilerCoronation Street – The path to reconciliation?

Ty tells Fiz that he feels uncomfortable talking about Kirstie to anyone but her. These two had a traumatic and violent past. When Ty says the police want him to clean up the dead woman’s belongings, she questions that. Fiz doesn’t understand why the police have turned to him after everything Kirsty has done to him. But he replies that no one else does.

As they talk, Ty and Fiz discuss how they are going to explain to Ruby that her biological mother is dead. We’re sure they’ll find a way, but we hope this is the key to bringing them together. Fiz wasn’t always nice to Ty, but he certainly didn’t belong with Alina. Could Ty and Fiz be on their way to a reconciliation?

Make sure you keep an eye on what’s going on with Corrie right now. Check back often for spoilers, news and updates from Coronation Street.

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