Vicki Barbolak, American comedian and speaker, was born on 7. November 1957 in Freeport, Illinois, USA. She currently lives at the Calevero Ranch Mobile Home Park in Oceanside, California.

Vicky Barbolak Parents, ancestors and siblings

His father, Pete Barbolak, a former NFL player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Chicago. Vicki is a brunette with curly hair and brown eyes, of mixed Caucasian ethnicity and the astrological sign of Scorpio. Reportedly, Vicki has two daughters, Lily Gross and Emily Chandler. She also has another adopted daughter, Mary Bartlett.

Vicky Barbolak Career data

At thirty-eight, Vicky saw advertisements for stand-up comedy, which eventually became her profession. She knew that making people laugh was probably the best thing she could do. Since then, she began performing at Open Mics, and so she was discovered under the eye of Comedy Store owner Mitzi Shore in the window of the La Jolla Comedy Store on Sunday night, from where she turned professional.

Vicky began her acting career at the age of forty. Before that, she worked with her father in the family carpet business. When Vicky was a finalist on America’s Got Talent in 2018, Simon Cowell said to her: Vicky, I think you’re the funniest person we’ve ever had on the show.

In 2007, she won [email protected] America’s Funniest Mom, presented by Roseanne Barr. From there, she won the California’s Funniest Woman award and the Russian River Gay Comedy Festival in 2004. While honing his comedy skills, Rick! Television considers her the next rising star of the comedy workshop. She then made a name for herself as a member of Jay Leno’s laugh team on NBC. Big Girls Don’t Cry with Vicki Barbolak is a weekly online show designed to celebrate the beauty in all of us. The 21 episode show, presented by Amber Rose and Mike Winn, has been airing since its third season. July 2020 is currently in production. The phenomenal comedian kicked off 2018 with her Trailer Nasty Tour before launching her Trailerpalooza Tour in 2019. Since then, Vicky has been featured in numerous comedy shows such as What’s Up Orange County, Kiki Mndelez’s Hot Tamales Live, etc. In addition to stand-up comedy, Vicky has also directed several short films, including Accidentally On Purpose and Call Me Crazy. She also got a role in the 2010 feature film Choice and Greenery!

Vicky Barbolak Mari

Although Vicky Barbolak is a woman who leads a happy private life, her married life is different from that of other typical wives. Vicki is married to Lou Brockman, who is her current husband. Lou Barbolak met Vicky at a comedy shop. He was a pianist at the La Jolla Comedy Store. Lou has been with The Comedy Shop for over twenty-six years. Lou and Vicki are now living a wonderful married life. The 29th. October 2018 Vicki’s wedding bells rang through a Twitter post at 8:31 a.m. in which she said: #MCM is my current and beloved third husband. Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Lou Brockman. *heart* I love this man so much! It’s #VickiBarbolakHalloween! This message via Twitter gave the pin and exact information that Vicky was already married to two men. This also explains the mathematics of the existence of his three daughters, one of whom is his daughter-in-law. The phrase third, current and beloved also explains the fact that there were once drawbacks to her early marriage and that she is now much happier with Lou.

Vicky Barbolak Net Assets

As a comedian, Vicky also earns a living by acting, among other things. According to, Vicky’s earnings as a comedian are expected to be $20,000 and her cumulative lifetime earnings are expected to be around $700,000. She is also the CEO of To Go Wedding Chapel, her company where she is a master ordained wedding officiant with the goal of making people laugh and have a good time. The company is expected to have a net worth of approximately $15 million in 2018.

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