The wife of a football star, Maria Zulay Pogba, has been a source of much popularity in the social media. She is a very beautiful woman with a charming personality. She is a well known face in the social media world. She is a mother to four children – four beautiful girls and one handsome boy. Maria holds a degree in performing arts. She has acted in several films and TV shows. She is an Instagram sensation. She has her own Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account and more. She belongs to a middle-class family.

Paul Pogba and his wife Maria Zulay, have been married for nearly six years. But before she got married, Paul knew her for a long time.

Maria Zulay, a woman who married Paul Pogba in 2016, is a model and actress. She is also the wife of the French footballer, who plays for English club, Manchester United. Pogba and Zulay met in 2009 at a Brazilian beauty pageant, where she was chosen to be the beauty queen. They got married in a secret ceremony in 2016. Zulay has starred in Serbian and French movies. She is a Serbian and has a Serbian passport. She was born on October 6, 1992. She is a stepdaughter of Serbian tennis player, Jelena Jankovic.

Who is Maria Zulay and how did she meet Paul Pogba? We solve the mystery and take a look into the life of Maria Zulai and the wonderful story that binds this couple. Paul Pogba, the famous French footballer, is known for his interesting story that many people don’t know. When it comes to her private life, fans are always surprised. It was one of those stories that took some unexpected turns, and no one knew what would happen next.

Who is Maria Zulai?

Maria Zulay is a 27-year-old Bolivian model currently living in the United States. Like her story, her personal life has had its ups and downs! She first studied business administration in Bolivia, but a part of her soul knew that this was not what she wanted to do. She moved to California and became a real estate agent. After a while, she decided to quit her job and do what she had long intended to do. She started modeling and her life took a different turn. (Source: word-image-12155 After putting time and effort into her modeling career, she began working with several well-known brands and established her name in the industry. Immediately after her success in her field and her affair with Paul Pogba, she became very famous on social media. PLEASE:The 40 sexiest players in the Premier League (photos and stories). Mary and Paul both share a passion for travel, which has brought them even closer together. From time to time, you can see them on vacation to relax and take the tension off your shoulders. Needless to say, the media is always behind them. Why not? History has always aroused our curiosity.

When did Mary and Paul start dating?

2017 was the year that romance took over the streets of Los Angeles. Right after Paul met Mary, a part of his mind realized that there was something different between them. They would have admitted that there was a brief spark between them when they met – such a bond is rare. Over time, their love grew and they fell in love with the rawest version of each other. After all, we all need someone to adore our mistakes, right? (Source: word-image-12156 But, as they say, it takes a lot of effort to keep a relationship alive. Even when she stayed in Miami, as her modeling career required, she often traveled to Manchester to meet Paul. Distance is never an issue when two people want to be together. When it came to their relationship, there were always rumors. But it’s unlikely fans will be able to get to the bottom of it, as the couple preferred to remain silent rather than offer explanations. Fans went crazy when they saw a diamond ring on Mariah’s finger in one of the photos. They also saw Maria and Pogba’s mother sitting side by side to cheer on the outstanding footballer. All of this suggests to fans that the two are ready to take the next step in their relationship, or have already done so. (Source: word-image-12157

Entities that have disclosed their long-term debt

Soon after, the news spread like wildfire as Mariah changed her Instagram username to Zulai Pogba. But what exactly was going on? Why was there no news when the two got married? When did our star player make an important decision? Later, Mariah posted photos of her trip to Paris, making a long-term commitment. The two never spoke about their marriage, but they seemed to have a private ceremony away from the busy city. REFERENCE: 30 of the most beautiful footballers of all time After the big news, fans couldn’t help but notice Mariah is wearing a beautiful engagement ring and is excited for the love of her life. No matter what part of the country Mariah is in, when it comes to Paul’s game, she’s sure she’ll be there to support her. The only thing these two men have in common is that they are both good at dodging questions. Yes, no matter how many questions you ask them, be prepared for them to remain silent. (Source: word-image-12158 Don’t get me wrong: You can ask them questions about their professional life and they will answer you. But their relationship? In this scenario, they should keep their mouths shut. In 2019, the couple had a baby son. As previously mentioned, Pogba and Maria are quite discreet when it comes to their private lives. But after some time, they finally shared the big news with the fans. It’s only a matter of time before the couple has another surprise in store for their fans. Get ready!Maria Zulay is wife of Paul Pogba, a world class player who plays for French Premier League club Juventus. She has been married to Pogba since 2016. Maria has been married to Pogba since 2015 but they have been living together for the last 3 years.. Read more about maria salaues and let us know what you think.

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