Meisei Chikara is a Japanese professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. He became famous for his participation in the first All-Japan Mixed Martial Arts Tournament where he won it by defeating Takuma Sano, who was previously undefeated at that point.

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Chikara Meisei Biography – Meisei Chikara Wiki

Meisei Chikara is a well-known Japanese celebrity. So, let’s take a look at Meisei Chikara’s personal and public life data, as well as his Wikipedia page, profile, spouse, net worth, and profession information. In 1995, Meisei Chikara was born in Setouchi, Kagoshima, Japan.

Name, Nickname, and Profession of BirthName, Nickname, and Profession of BirthName, Nickname,

So, first, let’s look at some of Meisei’s personal information, such as his name, nickname, and occupation.

Real Name Meisei Chikara
Nickname Meisei
Profession Athlete

It’s conceivable he has more nicknames, so if you know what they are, please share them in the comments section.

Age, birthdate, religion, and place of birth

If you want to learn more about Meisei, we also go over some of her personal information. This section contains information on Meisei’s age, birthdate, religion, hometown, eating habits, and birthplace.

Age is a factor (2021) 26 Years
Birthplace Kagoshima
Year of Birth 24th of July, 1995
Sunsign Capricorn
Hometown Kagoshima
Habits of Eating This item is currently unavailable.
Nationality Japanese

Meisei Chikara was born in Kagoshima on July 24, 1995. Meisei will be 26 years old in 2021, and he was born in Kagoshima. He is now based in Kagoshima and works as an athlete. He is Japanese by nationality, and his current eating habits are a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian. He also worships all of the Gods and Goddesses, as well as all of the festivals. Acting is one of his hobbies. He enjoys performing in films and television programs.

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Dimensions of Height, Weight, and Body

Meisei is 1.79 m (5 ft 10 2 in) tall, and when he stands with his buddies, he seems tall. Despite being somewhat taller than his peers, he manages to keep his weight in check. His weight is about 147 kg (324 lb), and he works out often to keep it that way. He enjoys exercising on a daily basis and encourages others to do so as well. To keep fit, according to Meisei, you must exercise on a regular basis. His physical measurements are presently unavailable, but we will provide them as soon as possible.

Height 1.79 m (5 ft 10 2 in) tall Not available in the meter Not available in the feet
Weight 324 lb (147 kg) Not available in Pounds


Spouse, Wife, and Personal Life of Meisei Chikara

Parent This item is currently unavailable.
Father This item is currently unavailable.
Mother This item is currently unavailable.
Brother This item is currently unavailable.
Sister This item is currently unavailable.
Relationship Status not accessible
Wife not accessible
Girlfriend Soon, there will be an update
Children 1

The name of Meisei’s father is unknown. We don’t have any new information on Meisei Father; we’ll attempt to get it and update it as soon as possible. The name of Meisei’s mother is not known. We don’t have any new information on Meisei Father; we’ll attempt to get it and update it as soon as possible. We also have no clue who his brother and sister are, and we have no idea what their names are. However, we are working hard to gather all of the information we can regarding Meisei and will keep you updated as soon as possible. The name of his girlfriend is not available. They had been in a great relationship for the last several years. We don’t know anything about Meisei’s girlfriend. However, we are certain that Meisei and his wife’s name are not accessible. His connection is now ideal. We don’t know anything more about his wife. We also don’t know anything about his son or daughter. We are unable to identify them. Please leave a comment if you have any information.

Meisei Chikara’s net worth is unknown.

Meisei Chikara’s net worth is estimated to be between $80 and $85 thousand dollars.

Salary/Monthly Earnings (approx.) $80, 000 – $85, 000 USD
Estimated Net Worth (approx.) US$4 million to $6 million
Instagram This item is currently unavailable.
Twitter This item is currently unavailable.
Facebook This item is currently unavailable.

You Should Know These Quick Facts

He hurt his left upper arm muscle while practicing at his stable on December 28. He began the event in January 2020, but withdrew on Day 8 with just one victory.

Meisei was given the rank of maegashira 16 in his maiden tournament in the top level. Miyuki Tanaka, whose former clientele included Chiyonofuji, embroidered his kesho-mawashi, which portrayed the sun rising from the sea. He had six victories, including ones against Hokutofuji and Chiyomaru, but he was demoted to juryo. In November 2018, he returned to the top division with nine wins in juryo 2, including victories over Chiyomaru and Onosho. After 13 days, he had a score of 6-7, but in his last two fights, he defeated Yoshikaze and Onosho to attain his kachi-koshi. In March 2019, he competed at a career high of maegashira 11, winning nine of his fourteen fights, including a uwatedashinage victory against the former zeki Kotoshogiku on day 13. He lost his first three fights in the next tournament, at another career high rank of maegashira 7, but won ten of his remaining twelve matches, including a victory against Tochinoshin. In November 2019, he achieved his best maegashira 2 rating to date.

Meisei joined the Tatsunami stable in 2011, where he was mentored by former komusubi Asahiyutaka. He adopted his given name as his shikona surname, unlike most rookie wrestlers who start their careers under their family names. He started his professional career in July 2011, just before his 16 birthday, and earned promotion to jonidan after four victories in seven matches in the jonokuchi division. After a 5-2 win in November, he was promoted to the fourth sandanme division, but after just two wins in January 2012, he was demoted to jonidan after scoring his first make-koshi (losing record). After a 6-1 record in March 2012, he returned to sandanme, and a string of kachi-koshi (winning records) saw him promoted to makushita (third division) in January 2013. He established himself in the top division and started a steady ascent through the ranks after traveling up and down between sandanme and makushita multiple times. In September 2016, he was promoted to the second juryo division for the first time after a 4-3 result at the level of makushita 3. After a 5-10 record in November, he was demoted to makushita, but after two straight kachi-koshi, he was elevated back to juryo. After a string of strong performances, he rose to the top of the second division, and his 10-5 juryo record earned him promotion to the makuuchi division in May 2018.

Meisei Chikara (Japanese: ), born Meisei Kawabata () on July 24, 1995 in Setouchi, Kagoshima, is a Japanese professional sumo wrestler. In July 2011, he made his sumo wrestling debut, and in July 2018, he made his makuuchi debut. Maegashira 2 was his highest rank. He is a member of the Tatsunami stable. He uses his given name as his shikona, which is unusual for a top-level sumo wrestler.

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