The mysterious lady in Clowney’s life is now a public figure, but neither she nor Clowney has revealed her name. Well, now the ‘Najah’ moniker is all over the internet as she’s been named the woman who’s been accompanying Clowney on the field, and she was even part of a group photo at the Super Bowl. The single, but secure, fact we all know about her is her name—Najah.

Najah Re’s name and identity is unknown. We do know that Jadeveon Clowney is dating her, and has been for the past few months. We know that she is from North Carolina, and we know that she likes to cook. Clowney’s social media has been quiet, but he is known to be an avid cook. It seems that Najah is a compassionate and passionate woman.

The Houston Texans had to be thrilled when they received the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. The USC defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, who was available after being projected as a top 5 pick, would be joining the team that year. Since then, Jadeveon has been a frequent topic of conversation in the NFL. His play on the field has left many of us wanting to know more about him off of it. In a recent interview with ESPN, Clowney had no problem sharing his thoughts on his personal life.

One of the most poisonous snakes known to man is the cobra. It loses its skin and grows, much as other snakes. If the Cobra were a person, it would be Najah Re’, Jadeveon Clowney’s longterm lover and baby mama. Only because she’s the kind of woman who takes time to think, eliminates bad habits, and continues to grow as a person. This is the story of this beautiful woman. To discover more about her, keep reading.

Who-is-Najah-Re-Unknown-details-about-Jadeveon-Clowneys-partnerMr. Clowney is not exempt. He must give her permission to work on him. — courtesy of Instagram

In stilettos, a Cobra’s biography

Cobras aren’t renowned for their boldness. In this way, Najah Re’ is similar to a snake. Najah was born in the 1990s in South Carolina and graduated from T.L.Hanna High School in 2010. She subsequently went on to the University of South Carolina to study pre-med and graduated in 2014. Najah is of African descent and, as far as we know, has at least one sibling.

1629111945_367_Who-is-Najah-Re-Unknown-details-about-Jadeveon-Clowneys-partnerJadeveon seems to want to take off, Najah. Please tie him up. For the sake of your own wellbeing. — courtesy of Instagram

Jadeveon Clowney and Najah Re’ – When and how did they first meet?

The woman, a native of South Carolina, didn’t meet Clowney until they were both in university. Jadeveon is from South Carolina, although he grew up in a separate town and went to Rock Hill’s South Pointe High School. The footballer was taken aback when he met Najah for the first time. Mr Clowney, on the other hand, was never going to have it easy. Najah isn’t the kind of person that jumps into a relationship without first getting to know them. This woman took her time getting to know him, but once she did, she knew he was the guy for her for the rest of her life.

What does Najah Re’ make a livelihood doing?

We know this lady finished pre-med, but she had no intention of becoming a doctor or even working in the medical profession. Najah finished her education, and when it came time to pick a profession, she made an unexpected decision and chose to be a makeup artist instead. Najah loved her time as a MUA, despite the fact that it was a totally unexpected turn for her. This lady understood that if she picked a profession that didn’t require as much, she’d be happier in life and be able to spend more time with her family. Finally, she is ecstatic and pleased to be a MUA.

1629111946_157_Who-is-Najah-Re-Unknown-details-about-Jadeveon-Clowneys-partnerNajah is dedicated to her job. — courtesy of Instagram

Jadeveon and Najah – Are they a couple? What about the children?

1629111947_375_Who-is-Najah-Re-Unknown-details-about-Jadeveon-Clowneys-partnerHe’s now well ensconced. Now take his ring and beat it out of him. — courtesy of Instagram

When we learned that Najah Re’ and Jadeveon Clowney haven’t tied the wedding yet, we were taken aback. We always assumed that since the lady is devout, she would choose marriage over living together. But that isn’t the case. Jade and Najah have a kid together as well. Their son, Jahlil, was born in 2015. Since then, the couple hasn’t had any children. We’ve heard that they’re holding off on having another child until the perfect time and conditions arise.

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As a person, who is Najah Re’?

Najah Re’ is a devoted Christian who puts her religion above everything else. She is still a girl at heart. This black lady places the most importance on her family. Najah admits that she used to be a selfish person. She has, however, outgrown this characteristic. Jadeveon Clowney’s girlfriend/partner believes in sharing the good things in life with others. She is concerned about what other people think of her, but only to a certain degree. She puts her best foot forward in whatever she does and has built a solid name for herself. This may explain why Najah Re’ is so successful while leading a very quiet existence.

1629111947_83_Who-is-Najah-Re-Unknown-details-about-Jadeveon-Clowneys-partnerThis woman understands when and how to have a good time. — courtesy of Instagram

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