Roxanne Bertels is a Belgian beauty, who became famous after dating pro cyclist Mathieu van der Poel. She’s also an Instagram model and an ambassador for the Dutch cycling team.

The mathieu van der poel net worth is the amount of money that Mathieu van der Poel has accumulated. He is a professional cyclist who won the UCI Road World Championships in 2015 and 2016, as well as winning the Tour de France in 2017.

Birthday N.A.
Location of Birth Belgium
Nationality Belgian
Residency Belgium
Boyfriend van der Poel, Mathieu
Job Model (Porsche), Marketing
Instagram @roxannebertels
Height N.A.
Weight N.A.
Tattoos N.A.
Smoking N.A.
Brother / Sister N.A.
Mother and Father N.A.
Religion N.A.
Color of Hair Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Estimated Net Worth (approx.) N.A.

Biography of Roxanne Bertels

In 2021, Mathieu van der Poel will be all over the Dutch news. He cannot be blamed since he is a well-known and talented rider. He only thinks about winning while he is riding on the track. As supporters cheer him on from the stands, he hopes to win a trophy or a medal. There is, however, one important person in his life who will be there for him at the end. She’s also the reason why, in 2021, the media won’t leave him alone. Roxanne Bertels is Mathieu van der Poel’s beautiful Belgian girlfriend, who has acquired enormous fame this year as a result of her unwavering support for him. Let us learn more about this stunning lady.

Who-Is-Roxanne-Bertels-Meet-The-Cute-Belgian-Beauty-Datingcourtesy of Instagram

She Isn’t Afraid To Express Her Love

Roxanne is a stunning blonde in her late twenties who is over over heels in love with a professional cyclist. During an interview, Mathieu mentioned her, and their affection is undeniable. They are also not scared to express their affection for one another. They sometimes share photos of each other on social media, thanking them for being in their lives. Roxanne often waits for her lover at the finish line of a race. Several photos of her embracing Mathieu after a long run can be found by just searching her name on Google. She also thanked him on receiving the yellow jersey, which stunned their Dutch supporters.

1633053314_4_Who-Is-Roxanne-Bertels-Meet-The-Cute-Belgian-Beauty-Datingcourtesy of Instagram


They are diametrically opposed.

Roxanne works for Porsche’s marketing department and models in her spare time. Mathieu was the first person she met while on a business trip to Finland. They hit it off right away and fell in love after only a few dates. They’ve been together since then, and it seems like they’ll do so indefinitely. Mathieu is fortunate to have such a kind girlfriend.

Mathieu and Roxanne have similar values, yet they have quite different personalities. Mathieu loves athletics and has a boisterous, energizing personality. Roxanne, on the other hand, is more of an introvert who dislikes athletics. She doesn’t even own a bicycle, so there aren’t many things they have in common. Despite their prosperity, they are both lovely people who maintain their humility.

1633053314_315_Who-Is-Roxanne-Bertels-Meet-The-Cute-Belgian-Beauty-Datingcourtesy of Instagram


Roxanne and Mathieu believe in putting in the effort to achieve one’s objectives. Check out Roxanne’s Instagram feed for evidence that the more you strive for something, the better it feels when you accomplish it. Her positive attitude and self-assurance allow her to achieve all of her life’s objectives. As a result, Roxanne and Mathieu demonstrate that opposites may attract if they have the same life philosophy.

Everything revolves on your health and happiness.

Roxanne is undeniably attractive, owing to her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She has all of the characteristics that make her seem to be a professional model. She eats well and puts her health first in all she does. Roxanne seems to be somewhat more mature than her lover due to their contrasting personalities. It’s hardly surprising, given that she’s two years older than her partner.

1633053315_609_Who-Is-Roxanne-Bertels-Meet-The-Cute-Belgian-Beauty-Datingcourtesy of Instagram


She prefers to keep her personal life private.

Roxanne is an introvert, yet her work in marketing needs her to meet new people on a regular basis. When it comes to her job, she takes a headstrong approach and pursues her objectives with zeal. Because Mathieu had kept the connection under wraps, it’s unknown how the media got out about Roxanne. Roxanne and Mathieu felt there was no sense in keeping their relationship a secret once it became public.

Despite her celebrity, Roxanne has kept her personal life private. She posts photos of her pals and boyfriend on occasion. Roxanne doesn’t seem to like connecting with her admirers. Roxanne will very certainly never speak to the public about her personal life, maybe because of her Belgian background.

What matters most is that Roxanne and Mathieu adore one other and are always there for each other. Despite a number of obstacles, they manage to make their relationship work. Mathieu has a lot of females lusting after him, and Roxanne has a lot of guys lusting after her. True love, on the other hand, triumphs over all odds and wins every time.

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