Who is Sara Botello? Sara is a young woman, originally from France, who is currently dating French footballer Aymeric Laporte. She is the girlfriend of Aymeric Laporte, who is a defender for the French football club, Olympique Lyonnais. She was also a part of the French team at the 2015 World Cup and also played in the 2016 European Championship and the Champions League. She is also a part of a fashion label called “Sara Botello”. She is currently dating Aymeric Laporte and is 21 years old. Who is Sara Botello?

I discovered Sara Botello’s Instagram profile a few days ago. Her bio reads: “A French writer, a business manager, a rock climber, a deep sea diver, a fitness and wellness coach, a musician, a travel addict, an adventurer, a foodie, a lover of life.” I’m sure I don’t need to tell you those titles translate to: a superwoman. But who is she? Who is this woman who has managed to achieve so many things in life?

Who is Sarah Botello? Does she do anything else besides dance? Are they planning to take the next step together? What is their social life like? Don’t worry, this article will answer all these questions. Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte is reportedly in a long-term relationship with Spanish dancer Sara Botelho. Fans and followers have always wanted to know the details of Laporte’s amazing girlfriend. Well, thanks to all the information we have been able to obtain, we can say that the Spaniards are worth all the curiosities. We present to you some of the most interesting facts about Sarah Botelho, Aymeric Laporte’s amazing girlfriend. (Source: https://premierleaguenewsnow.com) word-image-11549

Who is Sarah Botello?

Sara Botelho is a 27-year-old Spanish national who is a well-known ballerina in her country. The flexibility of his body can literally drive you crazy. She is not only a fantastic dancer, but also a cheerleader and can often be seen cheering on the famous Spanish basketball team Bilbao Basket. Beauty has really asserted herself in the things she does. She has two dances close to her heart, contemporary and ballet, and performs in many dance shows in Spain. PLEASE:The 40 sexiest players in the Premier League (photos and stories). His astrological sign is Libra. People of this sign often leave their charm behind wherever they go. Their willingness to compromise shows that they are always moving from conflict to peace and solitude. It’s only fair, because our multi-talented player has all these qualities. Yeah, you’re right. She is so much more than her looks and beautiful body. (Source: https://premierleaguenewsnow.com) word-image-11550 Sarah is one of the most determined people you will ever meet. She never misses an opportunity and leaves no page blank. Her curiosity and determination to pursue what she loves are some of the main reasons Aymeric loves her. She was born in Bilbao and spent most of her childhood in Spain. In searching, we could not find any information about Sarah’s parents, but we do know that she has a younger brother.

How did Sarah and Aymeric meet?

Sarah and Aymeric try to maintain as much privacy as possible. We still don’t know how the two met, but we do know when they first appeared in public. When the French footballer was about to sign a contract with Manchester City in 2018, the beauty accompanied him. After that, Sarah began to make frequent public appearances in support of the love of her life, Aymeric Laporta. REFERENCE: 30 of the most beautiful footballers of all time They are in a long-term relationship, but have no plans to get married yet. Although they both agree that they can start a family in the future. No one can deny that this couple goes very well together. Fans often show their love for the couple and are eager to take the next step together. Let’s see what the future holds for these two lovebirds. (Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk) word-image-11551

Your social life

Sarah is pretty active on social media channels, especially on Instagram. Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful photos of her and her boyfriend Aymeric Laporte. If you take a look on Instagram, you will see that Sarah loves to pose in bikini, and she really has a beautiful body. Somehow his photographs show his deep affection for the ocean. Sarah not only takes pictures you can’t take your eyes off, but also often shares her skincare routines with her fans and followers. Because who wouldn’t want to know the beauty secrets of a Spanish lady? She often interacts with her fans and followers. But wait, she also shares recipes for dishes she loves. You can tell from the photos that she is an excellent cook. (Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk) word-image-11552 The family also has two adorable little kittens. These two are known as Junior and Nala. Sarah often posts photos of them with captions showing how important these little creatures are to her. Now we also know that the Spaniard is a cat lover. Also her pictures suggest that this lady is a model. Yes, she is so bold and beautiful! It was about Sarah Botello’s personal life and the history she shared with Laporte.

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