Yvette Prieto is an American actress. She was born in New York City. She is now married to Michael Jordan. She has two children with Jordan. She is a co-owner of a company called “SPIN” clothing line.

As the decades passed, Michael Jordan’s career took off. His success seemed to rival the legends of basketball and the game kept growing. Jordan’s achievements on the court culminated in a second appearance in the finals of the NBA for the first time in his career. However, his marriage to his ex-wife Yvette Prieto has remained a secret. Only few details are known about her, including her father’s name.

Well, this is a pretty interesting one. Did you know that Michael Jordan’s wife is Yvette Prieto? No, you didn’t, because it was never mentioned on any of the four major networks. Why? Well, the lady has been living in Long Beach, California for the past few years, so there would be a motive to cover this story, right? Wrong. In fact, Yvette Prieto has been a secret all her own. She received $1.5 million in her divorce settlement, and the only one to know about it is her attorney.. Read more about michael jordan children and let us know what you think.In this post, we take a look into the life of Yvette Prieto. She is the wife of one of the most famous athletes in the world, Michael Jordan.

Biography of the Cuban-American Model

Yvette Prieto was born on 26. Born March 1979 in Miami, Florida. His parents are Carlos and Maria Prieto. This woman is of Cuban descent and has a brother named Carlos.

Michael should take her out more often. Yvette can give a lot of those Instagram girls food for thought. – via Imgur

What was Yvette Prieto doing at work?

Ms. Jordan, who grew up in Miami, earned a degree in business administration and then began a career as a model. Yvette worked with Alexander Wang, former creative director of Balenciaga.

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Because of her business experience, she was appointed director of LBS Aqua Management and Beet in Miami.

When and where did she meet Michael Jordan?

If you were expecting us to tell you a fairy tale and a romantic story about these lovebirds, you will be disappointed. Yvette met MJ at a nightclub in Miami in 2008. He began to like her and a relationship quickly developed between them.

Yvette may wear nothing but black. This woman is beautiful. – via Imgur

Movement, engagement and marriage of spouses

Yvette and Michael have lived together since 2009 in a 5,500 square foot mansion in Miami. Michael had gone through a difficult divorce, and Yvette’s company was a comfort to him. Two years later, during the Christmas holidays, Michael asked her to marry him.

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The couple took their time planning a wedding and eventually got married in 2013.

How has marriage affected Yvette and how many children does she have?

Unlike her husband, Yvette is in her first marriage. This woman had the time of her life when she was married to a basketball superstar. This woman brought 11. February 2014: the identical twins Victoria and Isabel brought into the world.

Yvette knows the last thing Michael squeezed so hard was a basketball. – via Imgur

If inches don’t matter.

Yvette Prieto is six feet tall or seven. Compared to her husband, she’s three feet shorter. This beauty only weighs 55 pounds. Measuring 37-26-36, the brown-eyed beauty has a classic hourglass figure. Needless to say, this model takes very good care of his body.

How does Yvette Prieto spend her time?

Yvette has a lot of free time. This mother of two spends most of her free time doing charity work. Together with her husband, she set up a fund to help the less fortunate. She also works with anyone who needs help. She and her husband do everything they can to help the community.

It reminds me that this woman is beautiful in all colors. – About Imgur

Who is Yvette as a person?

A soul with a youthful look, this brunette loves being a sophisticated lady. She is a gracious person and enjoys spending time with her family. Yvette tends to avoid drama in her life. This lovely WAG doesn’t like people who spend their time doing nothing. She always likes to do something productive.

Characteristics of Yvette Prieto

Although she doesn’t show it, this Latina is a passionate woman. Anyone who knows her can attest to the fact that she puts her heart and soul into every task she undertakes. This woman is fearless and loves to take on new challenges. She can be impulsive by nature, but we don’t think that’s a bad thing for her.

CR7 is a great athlete, but can he achieve what Michael has achieved? – About Imgur

Another juicy detail about Yvette Prieto

Before we end this post, we thought it would be good to reveal one more piece of information about this girl. Before meeting Michael, she was in a romantic relationship with Enrique Iglesias’ older brother. This loving wife was the third woman Julio Iglesias Jr. dated. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work.

** All images in this post are from Instagram/external sources. We are not the owner of these photos **.Yvette Prieto, who is Michael Jordan’s wife of 25 years, has always kept a low profile, and her recent miscarriage of a baby girl has only added to the mystery of who she is. The public feels that it has a right to know who this woman is, and is unforgiving in its verdict.. Read more about michael jordan net worth and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michael Jordan still married to Yvette Prieto?

Yes, Michael Jordan is still married to Yvette Prieto.

Is Michael Jordan’s wife Hispanic?

No, Michael Jordan’s wife is not Hispanic.

What happened to Michael Jordan’s wife?

Michael Jordan’s wife is named Juanita.

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