Who is Lev Parnassus?

Lev Parnassus is a Soviet businessman who worked with Rudolph V. Julian. The main task is to gather malicious information about President Trump’s political rivals. He was threatened with new federal charges to mislead the company’s investors. It was also found that it would have protected consumers against fraud.

Giuliani and Fruman are involved in the Trump-Ukraine Parnassus scandal and the president claims he was not known for their efforts in 2018 and 2019. Pressure from Ukraine to investigate a political rival. Here’s a brief introduction to Leo Parnassus.

Leo Parnassus Wiki:

  • Born: 6. February 1972.
  • Dude: 48 years old,
  • Birthplace : Odessa, Ukraine
  • Nationality: American
  • The woman: Svetlana Parnassus
  • Education: Brooklyn College, Baruch College

Childhood and education by Leo Parnassus:

Lev Parnas was born into a Jewish family in 1972 in Odessa, the Ukrainian soviet socialist republic. There were three families in Detroit and then Brooklyn and a student at Brooklyn College and Lamb College.

He worked at Kings Highway Realty and sold co-ops in Trump. Lev Parnassus, the wife of Svetlana Pranas, is one of two collaborators of President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and is accused of financial irregularities during the campaign.

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Career at Lion Parnassus:

In 1995 Parnassus moved to Florida where he became a real estate agent and worked with companies such as Euro-Atlantic Securities, Mammoth Bullion and Monolith Bullion. It was then established under the name Parnassus Holding. He failed on a film project with Igor Fruman, he had an energy flow connected to that company.

He clings to the Miami Herald, which has remained on the debt path in Florida and beyond. Leo Parnassus News

that he founded a company called Fraud Guarantee. The Florida authorities cancelled the fraud guarantee in September 2014. The 24th. On 1 January, the news channels released an audio recording of Parnassus’ conversation with President Trump. In the end, the decision gave the impression that the whole corps lasted a long hour, which was handed over to the committee.

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Kozyr scandal Ukraine:

Early April 2018, Giuliani, Parnassus and Fruman decided to oppose President Trump. This measure was intended to identify Ambassador Marija Jovanovic with a view to her re-election. In the midst of the questions, the news of Mr Trump’s resignation was broadcast, so that conclusions could be drawn after listening to the tapes. The voice heard was identified as Parnassus talking to the president. They learned that the biggest problem was to think about how to start and how to get rid of the ambassador.

These incidents thus revealed who Lev Parnassus is and his attempts to find people and information to undermine the Special Council’s investigation. President Trump continued this program and announced Ukraine’s earlier official plans.

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Bottom row:

So here’s a brief introduction to Leo Parnassus. For a better understanding you can see more interesting and surprising facts on the Leo Parnassus Wiki. There is also a list of federal political scandals involving U.S. government officials. It is dynamic and sometimes able to meet certain standards.

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