Agnes Asangalisa Cigabatia, former MP for the northern district of Builsa in the Upper East, said that women have an important influence and role in the political landscape.

She said that the participation of women in all areas of life, especially in politics, has an added value and the ability to win people over and convince them of their vision.

Ms Chigabatiya spoke to the Ghanaian news agency at the opening of a women’s group called Ladies of Chigi for Nana and Abakisi in Chuchulig to help gather votes for the PNP in the 2020 elections: We can’t do without the support of women.

She said about 200 women would visit every corner of the district and announce good news to every household. We have a message, and it must be conveyed to every voter in this election.

During the presentation Mrs Chigabatia also presented the party with eight bicycles, party posters, facial masks, Chiga Ladies for Nana and Abakisi T-shirts with pictures of President Akufo-Addo and candidate James Maurice Abakisi (PC).

Since the beginning of the party’s campaign for the presidential and parliamentary elections, a former Member of Parliament, who is also a former Deputy Regional Minister for the Upper East, has made several donations to support the PPP in that constituency to remain in government and has taken over an Nduk seat in Beals North.

According to them, the nuclear power plant should win the elections to continue its policy of changing lives, such as planting food and jobs, a free high school, a village, a factory and others.

The ladies, dressed in T-shirts and with attributes of a nuclear power plant, danced to the songs of the nuclear power plant that exploded from the huge speakers on tricycles and moved through the chuchulig community to draw the attention of the public to the newly opened band.

Chigabatia asked Francis Akanbegmi Asangalisa II, the head of Chuchuliga at PC Company Nab, to inform her about the recently launched team.

Nab Asangalisa II thanked them for the visit and called on the CP to ensure that Ms Chigabatia is recognised as the representative of the people of Northern Builsa in case the party is re-elected for the second term and wins in Parliament.

In his reply, Mr Abakishi said that the leader’s concerns had been noted and would be referred to the highest party hierarchy to rectify the situation, and he thanked the former MP for her unwavering support for the party since leaving the position of deputy minister of the region and MP.

Chigabatiya made political history in the northern constituency of Bouils in 2004 when she won a seat in the PNP with 6,160 votes, or 33.70 percent of the total vote cast, for her close rival Timothy Ataboadei Avantierim of the PNP with 6,147 votes, or 33.60 percent.

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