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YBN Cordae – American rapper, singer and songwriter. He became famous by releasing remixes of popular songs like Eminem’s My Name Is and Old Niggas. He is also nominated for the 62nd Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

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Why is YBN Cordae famous?

  • is an American singer, rapper and songwriter.
  • Nominated for a 62. Grammy award.

YBN twine nets: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, childhood, ethnicity

Cordae Cordae Amary Dunston was born on the 26th. Born August 1997 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her real name is Corda Dunston.  He moved with his family to Suitland, Maryland at the age of 10.

As a child he was exposed to rap in the 1990s and 2000s, thanks to his father, who listened to Nas, Rakim, Big L and Talib Kweli around Cordae, which effectively allowed him to develop a refined taste for music. In the following years his career would have been strongly inspired by the songs he heard with his father.


He graduated in Maryland and is currently completing his studies.

All about the career of YBN Cordae

As Corda got older, the desire for a career in the music industry became clear. In this period, when he was still at school, his education also demanded his attention. Because of the time he spent writing, the amount of time he had to learn was often greatly reduced.

Under the professional name Entendre he released the mixtape Alarm in 2014. At that time he was associated with the independent music label N.A.G.E. He had worked on several singles and video clips before, but Anxiety was his first mixtape. It consists of 13 tracks including Life, Genesis, Questions, Explanations, Adrenaline, Down and Out, Text Back, Sucker for Love, Wonders and Not Good Enough.

In 2016 he released his second mix. I’m so worried. Still in the mixtape of WillThaRapper, Jon Bartley and Zoe Stream, the second was bigger than the previous one and contained 17 tracks including Pressure, Gone, Make It Easy, About Me, Dying, Never, Can’t Take It, All I Ask, 3 A.Thoughts, Hiding, Breakup, Can’t Breathe, I Feel Good, Two Worlds and Jungle.

After discovering his passion for music, he joined the very popular internet rap group YBN called YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay in 2017. Today, Corda is well aware that all this is thanks to Nachmir YBN. Cordae, who recently joined YBN, is making a name for herself among the American people. He’s a big Instagram fan. In December 2017 he also published some of his photos with Akon in his Instagram account.

At the beginning of 2018, his interest in a career as a hip-hop artist grew exponentially. Los Angeles has always had a thriving hip-hop culture and it wasn’t long before Corda got into it. Although he didn’t release any new music at the time, he started communicating with YBN Nachmir and YBN Almighty, whom he met on Xbox Live.

YBN Cordae Signature : YBN Cordae (Source: Vicky)

He considered Nachmir and the Almighty as his brothers and belonged in everything but name to the group. According to Kordae, the only thing that prevented Nachmir and the Almighty from officially joining YBN was that his social media pens were always in the name of Hearing. So he changed his stage name to YBN Cordae.

Under the name YBN Cordae he released in May 2018 on WorldStarHipHop Introduction to the World, a 1999 remix of Eminem’s song My Name Is. He later published Old Niggers, Back Track for 1985 J. Cole.

In 2018 he released two more singles – Fight Temptation and Kung Fu. In June, in an interview with L.A.. Leakers Beats, he freely chose the style of Kendrick Lamar’s DUCKWORTH, Lil Pamps’ Esskeetit and Maine and Redman’s Da Rockwilder. The video recording of the performance was viral, effectively introducing Cordae to a wider audience.

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In July 2020, Dunston was arrested along with American professional footballer Kenny Stills during Bronna Taylor’s protests in Louisville, Kentucky.

YBN twine nets: Shareholders’ equity (2020)

The net value for 2020 is estimated at around $200,000, but salaries and income are currently under review.

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YBN Cordae married? Wife, children, marriage

Corda’s not married yet, and he still has to get married. As of today, he’s with tennis player Naomi Osaka. In ninth place, Osaka played on the 12th. September his last match and defeated Victoria Azarenok in the US Open final 1:6 6:3 6:3, winning the sixth title of his career. Naomi won a title at the US Open.

Naomi made it to the finals in New York. They’re dated 2019. The information about their first date is still unknown. The relationship between them gets closer and closer over time.

YBN Cordae Signature : YBN Cordae (Source: Loop Haiti)

YBN twine nets: Height, weight, colour of eyes

YBN Cordae is 1.5 m high. He weighs 68 kilos. He has light red hair and black eyes.

YBN Cordae Signature : YBN Cordae (Source: Hypebeast)


He also released his only mix tape. – I’m very worried. Rumor has it Cordae’s going to produce a show. If that happens and his show becomes a super hit, this boy’s success won’t stop.

Is YBN Cordae active in social networks?

It has about 2 million followers on Instagram, about 358,000 followers on Facebook and about 65,000 followers on Facebook.

It’s nothing

  • As a musician, Cordha was inspired by people like J.D. Jones. Cole, Us, J.Z., Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Eminem, Big L and Kendrick Lamar. He thinks it could be a link between what used to be rap and what becomes of it.
  • He is called a rapper ahead of his time, and he is considered one of those artists who go against the flow, who manage to have conversations without being mundane or routine.

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